Fans Score predictor...Gillingham away!

Following the same scoring mechanism as the RR writers is anyone interested in seeing how we do? or this will be a very shortlived exercise in maths for me :)

I'll collate the scores, publish the table and see who ends up on top at the end of the season...

Cut off for score submission is 1 hour before kick off

How the points are awarded...

Just a quick reminder on how we allocate points to our match-by-match predictions:

  • Correct score = 3 points
  • Correct outcome (but not correct score) = 1 point
  • Correct first Sunderland goalscorer = 1 point
  • Possible deductions for being lazy and not submitting = to be decided

Could be a tough one at Gillingham, Steve Evans doesnt like football and the pitch will probably be without a great deal of grass....that said i reckon we will take a 2-0 win with Dan Neil grabbing the opening goal

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