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Roker Rapport Podcast: The Wearne Turn - Some reaction to Sunderland 2-1 Man Utd in the Pizza Cup!

Ant got back from the match a bit cold last night and tried to warm himself up by having a cosy chat with our Malc - as they went over the Sunlun youth victory over the Man Utd youth - as well as giving a few thoughts on the Embo deal!

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What’s the crack?

  • EFL fines - What’s the point?
  • Watching the young lads develop; We’ve got some great talent coming through right now haven’t we...
  • Embo 2025; Brilliant business from the club. Dan Neil next please!
  • Stephen Wearne and Tyrese Dyce; What a match for the lads - and a goal each!
  • Taylor talk, Younger chatter and all the rest of the young lads making us proud - We seem to be seeing a real identity running throughout the club now regardless of age - How bright is the future looking?


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