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Roker Rapport Xtra Podcast: Sunderland v Peterborough Utd w/ Posh Chairman - Darragh MacAnthony!

Chris is joined this week by a special guest in the always outspoken (and occasionally controversial) Peterborough United Chairman - Darragh MacAnthony - to see what he’s been up to since last he was on and hear his personal opinions and thoughts on the situation the league is in, the restrictions that are in place and how he’s been navigating it all as a club owner.

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What are we talking about?

  • Should probably start by saying the views expressed by Darragh are his... and he gives his frank, honest and uncut opinion on the Covid-19 Situation and the impact it had on the last season from his perspective;
  • The EFL; With the pandemic unfolding the way it did and football grinding to a halt as a consequence, what does Darragh think about the way everything was handled by the governing bodies of the sport and what were his interactions with the other owners and EFL Chief Exec Rick Parry while it was all going on?
  • Managers; What are his thoughts on Sunderland’s management situation, and why does he think the one manager we should have been looking at is the one currently in residence at London Road;
  • When Posh duo Siriki Dembélé and Reece Brown were diagnosed with Covid-19 recently, Darragh wasn’t too pleased and had some things to say about what he wants the players to do to reduce the risk of infection while the season is underway;
  • Marcus Maddison; What went wrong there, and what are Darragh’s thoughts on his former star player and his future career chances?
  • Sunderland and Posh are both favourites for promotion, so what does he think of both our chances?
  • What are his thoughts on things like the resignation of SAFC Chairman Stewart Donald, and fan interaction? Is it easier to just be honest with the fans, did he see all that trouble brewing, and would he pay £35,000,000 plus on a club in our position?
  • Darragh looks at the youth system he has in place, and gives his opinion on the importance of data models in a clubs scouting and recruitment strategy;
  • Looking forward to the match; What result is he hoping for, and do the results matter that much this early in the season?

All this and much more, some opinions expressed may be considered controversial and we can’t say as a Podcast we agree with all of them but they are Darragh’s to express. A great chat overall with one of the biggest characters in the EFL and a fascinating insight into the workings of club ownership.

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