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Fan Letters: Reader calls Sunderland CEO Jim Rodwell ‘invisible’ - but is that such a bad thing?

RR reader Mark isn’t impressed that Sunderland CEO Jim Rodwell works from the shadows - is it a good or bad thing that the man running the club prefers to work in silence? Let us know your thoughts:!

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Dear Roker Report,

Our beloved owner appeared on Saturday again - not a word, silence again on the so called takeover. In business a period of exclusivity is usually 4 to 8 weeks... this has dragged well over that.

Mr Donald has thrown his toys out of the pram big style totally - disrespectful of the fans and the club over this takeover and his handling of it.

Any potential buyer has to be put off the way club is being run, we have know academy director no chief scout no U18 coach - what the hell is going on... its embarrassing!

We have an invisible CEO in Rodwell... does the man have voice? Seems not.

The club needs direction - it has been stripped of every saleable young talent, cut back to the bone... there seems something not right with this so called interested party.

Hope I am wrong but we could end up in the shit if it takes too long.

Things have to change - give youth a chance again, build from the bottom. Hopefully our next ownership will be proactive, take a chance on upcoming young talent and coaches - do it the Dutch and German way, because I am sick of the one dimensional football we have watched for years.

Let’s tear up the old blueprint and totally turn this club around. We the fans deserve this - let’s be different on our approach to this great game.

If Leeds can do it, why not Sunderland?

Mark Wild

Ed’s Note [Gav]: If I’m totally honest with you, Mark, I’m happy that we don’t hear much from Rodwell. Speaking too much is probably what saw the relationship between Donald and the fans break down as quickly as it did, so maybe just getting on with his job in the background is the best approach from JR. As CEO he’s expected to basically run every department at the club on the behalf of the owner, and I don’t think we’ve done too bad a job of putting a squad together for the started of the season under strange circumstances.

I was as sceptical of the Rodwell appointment as anyone, and he was deservedly panned for the handling of the season ticket fiasco when he first arrived, but I couldn’t sit here with any conviction and slate the bloke on anything else because, well, we don’t know what he’s up to on a day-to-day basis... and I’m cool with that. Less we know the better!

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Dear Roker Report,

(Re: The topic of Peter Reid’s sacking in last week’s Fan Letters)

I’ve never been to a Sunderland game since he left. Under his tenure his team was a pleasure to watch and was a breath of fresh air after years of indifference.

From my first game in 1950 at the age of 13 I was an avid supporter, missing very few games - even when living and working in Leeds. Yes, even when we won the cup (which I went in the guise of a Leeds supporter to enable me to get a ticket).

His sacking was the last straw and I’m still awaiting reasons to go back. I came very close but once again Sunderland’s acceptance of the Civic débâcle has turned me further away.

Please give me a reason to return to the fold.

George Pearson

Ed’s Note [Gav]: Reidy was sacked 18 years ago, George... let it go!

Peter Reid the manager of Sunderland and his assistant Adrian Heath Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

Can anybody give me some advice regarding last season’s refund.

l payed cash for my season ticket, and after getting in touch with the club they gave me a reference number for my account which had the 40 pound refund in it - great, or so l thought until l filled in the sort code on the Ticketmaster site, but it wouldn’t take the long number on the card. So l put the reference number in, and the 40 pound disappeared to Ticketmaster. No money has been put into my bank account, although l payed for my Wembley tickets through Ticketmaster. I’ve tried phoning SAFC and also ticketmaster, and emailing.

l would have been happy with a voucher for the club shop... a lot less hassle.

Nicholas Burn

Ed’s Note [Gav]: Best thing anyone can do if they’re having customer issues is get in touch with the club’s SLO, Chris Waters. He’s great and really helpful. Click here for his email.

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