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Roker Rapport Podcast: The Son of Pelé - A Sunderland AFC Story w/ Martin Smith!

Our Chris Wynn was joined for one of his epic deep dives into our former players careers by one of Sunderland’s finest homegrown talents - The Son of Pelé himself - Mr Martin Smith!

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Talking about...

  • Roker Park; What are Martin’s thoughts on our lost home, and what are his first memories of it and the lads he watched play on that hallowed turf?
  • Training with Gazza up Newcastle as a bairn; Was the rivalry as bad back in the day?
  • Joining the club under the coaching staff of Denis Smith and Viv Busby and working his way through the management teams that followed them, from Terry Butcher to Peter Reid and the differences in training methods and the way the senior players took to each of them;
  • His first goal for the club; How did that feel as a Sunderland fan and did he know how to react?
  • His time in and out of the first team under various managers; Did he feel he got a fair crack of the whip?
  • His love for football at any level; From Roker Park and the great grounds of the past to the modern era and... Crowtree Leisure Centre...
  • His career following leaving Sunderland, the injuries that plagued him and looking back at why he made certain decisions and what could have been;
  • Duran Duran and Deacon Blue... Aye

What a Lad. What a player. A fascinating and funny trip through the memories of one of our favourite players here at RR and across the fanbase. Listen In!

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