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Fan Letters: “Get rid before we finish in a worse place than last year!”

Roker Report readers Paul, Ann & William tell us exactly what they think of Sunderland’s performances so far this season - do you agree?! Let us know your thoughts:!

Sunderland v Aston Villa U21: EFL Trophy Photo by Ian Horrocks/Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

So after six months without Sunderland, it took just ninety minutes to realise nothing has changed, and our third successive season in this depressingly awful League doesn’t look like being our last.

Our defence looks clumsy & will struggle against pace. No creativity in midfield. No pace up front.

We will draw more than we lose, we will give the ball away too often and if we go a goal behind the best we can hope for is a point, especially at home.

Wrong owner, wrong manager, average League One side.

Paul Wood

Ed’s Note [Chris]: On the evidence provided so far, it’s difficult to disagree with any of that Paul. After almost a year in charge I’d expect to see progress and improvement, especially considering that it is essentially the same squad as the day he took over as manager.

He’s done nothing so far to convince me that he’s the right man for the job and time will tell how long he will get to change my mind.

Sunderland v Carlisle United - Pre-Season Friendly
Phil Parkinson
Photo by Ian Horrocks/Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

After watching the Bristol Rovers game in full, I was left frustrated and disappointed as usual. Glaring mistakes being made, firstly Lee Burge does not command his box and very rarely leaves his line even when crosses are landing in and around the six yard box and you can tell the defence are aware of this. As for saving penalties, no chance.

Starting Will Grigg up top on his own is negative and unproductive and crosses into the box were abysmal.

For all the possession we had, we rarely looked like stretching their defence and goal scoring opportunities were minimal. Lack of pace is making it easy for opposition defences and what is this tactic of playing the ball back to Willis to hoof it up the right wing to nobody in particular? Invariably this runs straight out for a goal kick, baffling.

If I can see it why can’t the management team? Also totally agree that Josh Scowen and youth being given a chance.

Plus Brandon Hanlon up front was a handful till he went off thankfully. Who have we got to do the same? That’s enough for now, I rest my case.

Ann Winship

Ed’s Note [Chris]: I think the jury is still out on Lee Burge claim on being the long-term option between the sticks, at times he looked impressive last year so let’s hope his performance against Bristol Rovers was opening day nerves.

Can’t agree more on the issues of being wasteful in possession and a lack of pace across the side. Baffling that the lack of pace wasn’t addressed by bringing in a type of player who could provide this.

Thing need to improve, and quickly.

Sunderland v Bristol Rovers - Sky Bet League One
Will Grigg
Photo by Ian Horrocks/Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

So the slow and poor start on opening day was down to lack of ball boys and how to retrieve it quick? Yes, that’s what wonder boy Parkinson said on Saturday night.

I have said from day one this bloke is clueless. The only thing more dour and dull than this fella making a very decent living by masquerading as a football manager is his football know how, choice of players, and his so called technical know how.

He’s a disgrace, but it is a bigger disgrace that he is even thought of as a manager.

Get rid before we finish in a worse place than last year, which by the way was the lowest League position in the club’s history.

William Longworth

Ed’s Note [Chris]: Phil Parkinson wouldn’t have been my choice as Sunderland manager and for me, he failed in his objective last season despite the season finishing early.

I would be very surprised if the club was to make a decision to change the manager anytime soon, but looking at our next three fixtures the calls for a change will grow if we don’t avoid straight defeats. It could be an interesting three weeks ahead.

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