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Fan Letters: “Scowen may as well go home”, and what’s going on with Lee Burge?

RR reader Anthony questions why Josh Scowen is at the club, given Parkinson is unwilling to select him, while Mark has concern over Lee Burge. What do you think? Let us know:!

Sunderland v Harrogate Town - Pre-Season Friendly Photo by Ian Horrocks/Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

The two best players of preseason not even on the bench! Scowen might as well go home, clearly Parkinson dose not rate him. Diamond was made for this game – attacking winger, get the ball out, wide run at the defenders and put some decent crosses in. Someone please coach this lot how to put a cross in.

The bloke is blinkered we were nowhere near playoffs last season, so how does he think the same lot will be any different? Granted he made two changes but one was forced on him.

Is this what I’ve paid for again? I must be the biggest mug around.

(I wrote this at half time, hope something happens – we are at home FFS!)

Anthony Lynn

Editor’s Note [Martin]: The absence of Neil and Diamond was baffling to me – especially after Parkinson had used their development as the reason for getting shot of McGeady. Same goes for the continual absence of Scowen, who’s got a better track record than Power or Dobson, and showed just what he was capable in midweek (albeit against an under-21 side).

Parkinson’s lack of willingness to give young players a go and chance his preferred XI are nothing new – he’s done it for the majority of his career – so I don’t expect him to change too much. Scowen should, however, get his chance now Dobson is suspended (although watch him select Leadbitter!).

Ultimately, Parkinson’s got to get it right, and quickly.

Sunderland v Harrogate Town - Pre-Season Friendly Photo by Ian Horrocks/Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

Not the start we wanted and three things stood out.

Burge cannot command his area we need a replacement and sharphish.

We need pace in the team we’ve said it for three seasons but alas this has not been addressed.

The only blessing from todays match Dobson sent off and is suspended thank god for that –him and Power are too similar.

The lad is just not good enough – a better player was let go in Robson, and I can not see why Parky plays him, he brings nothing to the team in goals or creativity.

Scowen has to be first choice or go and get Maddison bought in.

There was no creativity or quality in the team today especially in the first half and again it’s so obvious we can not play with three at the back.

Benno said Burge looked nervous early on the stadium was bloody empty. How can you be nervous? God knows what’s he going to be like when the fans are back.

Hopefully going forward him and Matthew’s won’t be a Camp or Ruiter or we are in the shit.

Parky has till October to sort these problems out is he good enough well we will find out because if in the next 8 games we are not at least top three he is gone without a doubt.

Take care

Mark Wild

Editor’s Note [Martin]: I understand and share your concern over Burge, Mark. While he did impress in a couple of games last year, it’s telling neither Ross or Parkinson didn’t fancy him as number one, despite McLaughlin being out of form. His reputation with Coventry, as we saw when he played against us, was in line with what you’ve described. Hopefully he settles down and gets some confidence, otherwise we’ll pay the price.

Regarding pace, you’re spot on - it’s been a weakness for ages and for whatever reason hasn’t been addressed – pace alone isn’t enough of course, but we’re certainly lacking it.

I covered the Dobson and Scowen debate in the reply above – I can’t understand why Scowen hasn’t been called up earlier.

One thing I would disagree on is the three at the back. I think we’ve looked good in spells with this formation, and it’s good to see a manager persevere with it. It can work well with the right players. We shouldn’t rely on it thought, and need a better plan B.

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