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Roker Rapport Xtra Podcast: w/ Sunderland Legend Kevin Phillips & Bristol Rovers Pod GasCast!

The Xtra returns to preview the upcoming first league game since lockdown and to look over how Sunderland are developing and what our chances look like this season with none other than the absolute SAFC Legend himself - Mr Super Kevin Phillips - and the wonderful Caz from Bristol Rovers Pod - GasCast!

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What are we talking about?

  • So how is Kev at the moment? Has he seen anyone with a particularly long beard lately?
  • The Lads react look at the 8-1 victory over a very youthful Aston Villa side who didn’t seem to know how to head the ball;
  • How does the King of Sunderland Strikers that is SuperKev think our forward line is looking currently? With some insight from his contacts at Millwall over one of our new signings, as well as his thoughts on the Will Grigg situation and the signing of Danny Graham;
  • Who will we be looking toward to provide the forwards with the chances they need, and what formation and system would Kev like to see us playing in; Is a 4-4-2 too old fashioned nowadays or do managers simply overly complicate matters?
  • Aiden McGeady; What do the Lads think we should do after his plea to return to the fold in a recent interview, and what is Kevin’s view on how you deal with these sort of situations behind the scenes?
  • Empty Stadiums; Does it really level the playing field, and if so will it work to Sunderland’s advantage this season regarding player confidence? Could SKP have played in the current scenario?
  • Looking at Max Power’s Captaincy announcement; Right or wrong choice? Do you need just the one leader on the pitch?
  • Bomber is joined by Caz from GasCast to preview Saturday’s game with The Pirates - Coincidentally with a similar pirate-ish accent @ 30:57 for your convenience!
  • The Lads give their opening game predictions and Kev gives his thoughts on how vital this match is as well as finishing by gathering our predictions for the season, and who our main rivals are!

BTW LADS AND LASSES! Tomorrow will officially be the 4th Anniversary of our very first episode. We’d like to thank each and every one of you for the amazing feedback, the wonderful messages of support, the millions of listens, and above all for sticking with us in both good times and bad. It’s been a rough 4 years so far for all of us Sunlun fans anyway, but you make it all worthwhile! Without you we, like the club itself, simply wouldn’t exist! HAWAY THE LADS!

Soccer - Nationwide League Division One - Bury v Sunderland Photo by Mike Egerton/EMPICS via Getty Images

Thank you for listening and enjoy the show!

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