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Fan Letters: William Storey - “don’t give this gadgey one more line of publicity”

In today’s Fan Letters, William asks that we don’t give William Storey any more publicity, and Malachi asks his fellow fans to stop blaming Stewart Donald for Sunderland’s shortcomings. Got something you want to say? Email us:!

F1 Grand Prix of Azerbaijan Photo by Charles Coates/Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

William Storey, or whatever his name is: Roker Report don’t give this gadgey one more line of publicity. Tell him to put 100 million pound in the coffers of SAFC or just do one and seek publicity elsewhere. No more from us SAFC fans listening to deluded money-grabbing scumbags.

William Longworth

Ed’s Note [Tom]: Hi William, fans have every right to be incredibly cautious when any new figure comes forward and claims they’re set to buy the club. Storey’s bizarre and worrying past should immediately set alarm bells ringing in Sunderland fans’ heads. Hope you’re safe and well.

F1 Grand Prix of Azerbaijan Photo by Charles Coates/Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

I am writing in to urge my fellow SAFC supporters to stop being so harsh on SD.

If we had gotten promoted last year he would have been a hero, but for a 96th minute winner he couldn’t prevent the season was deemed a failure and his fault. This year (based on our form) we would’ve got promoted if it wasn’t for COVID-19 and yet the blame lies with him, but the truth is he couldn’t have stopped this, nobody could have.


Malachi Donnelly

Ed’s Note [Tom]: Sorry, Malachi, but I personally disagree. There’s no guarantee that we would’ve been promoted this season - we took 2 points from the last 12 available. I do agree that we were minutes away from promotion in the initial season, but then Donald actively looked to sell the club after the play-off defeat and left the rebuild for the second season until the last minute, which crippled Ross’ preparations. There are so many other issues that have effectively stemmed from poor leadership at the top, and that’s why we’ve finished in our two lowest ever league positions. It might not be all Donald’s fault, but his management of the club hasn’t brought any success.

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