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Fan Letters: “Our club has been taken for a ride for the last ten years”

Regulars Anthony Degiovanni and William Longworth have written in to let off a bit of steam about the state of Sunderland AFC. What do you think? Email:!

Charlton Athletic v Sunderland - Sky Bet League One Play-off Final Photo by Ian Horrocks/Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

I’m sick to my back teeth with these ex [players are] idiots that have been here for a few months and gone keep giving these so called interviews to every tom dick and harry.

By the way they are d**ks because they couldn’t trap a ball even if they try, useless gits. It just shows how badly our club have been taken for a ride by individuals and players for the last ten years. Got relegated from the premier league, which was their fault, and didn’t want to play in the lower leagues - but happy to collect money money money and went for next to nothing.

Now look at Bournemouth, where their gate is a quarter of ours - how efficient they are compared to us. Up to now they are moving 3 players for 100 millions, and that is without the parachute money look how clever they have been. We have spent as much as them if not more.

And look where we are now not allowed to shop at marks and Spencer only at the pound shop. I don’t blame Ellis Short one bit, he was taken for a ride by incompetent idiots he gave them millions and millions and they all wasted it and remember he left us debt free.

Keep the faith. Stay safe stay safc.

Anthony Degiovanni

Ed’s Note [Rich]: Hope you’re keeping safe too, Anthony. I doubt whether players like Lewis Morgan would dare say some of the things he said in his recent interview, or laughed at players like Luke O’Nien, if he were talking to a Sunderland fan. Hopefully we’re almost rid of those players who’ve thought themselves too good for this level, and we can move on as a club from the last decade of decline.

Short failed miserably in his choices, but I guess we should all be thankful that he didn’t completely destroy our club, and the men he sold it too haven’t achieved their goals either, but I’m not that sure AFC Bournemouth the model to follow now.

They are owned by multimillionaire Russian businessman Maxim Demin and were fined by the EFL for breaching Financial Fair Play on their way to winning the Championship in 2014/15. Gate receipts are a small proportion of their income whereas ours is the opposite and, currently, their expenditure vs income in the transfer market is £20 million in the red at the minute.

Dear Roker Report,

Really understand your reply to the lad from Barrow, being nasty doesn’t get the result you want. But on the whole people do write in a polite manner and we all try to act in a dignified manner. I, William Longworth, have written to yous and try to be diplomatic, but at times I have fallen below the being nice standard.

Maybe you could ask all the people in charge at our beloved SAFC to also stop being nasty to all of us and maybe apologise for doing nasty things to our club from day one .

Stand up and apologise through all the local media agents and say we are SORRY and that SD will personally reverse all the wrongs he has done. GET The managers players C.E.O. etc, this club deserves not all the inadequate payroll staff he has at the moment.

If he cant do this then walk away without a penny and tell himself he has got exactly what he deserves after what HE AND HIS MATES have done to this club and maybe tell himself that was an expensive lesson taught to himself and it was all his own fault.

So all in all, some fans will get nasty when they are treat nasty off nasty people.

Over to you Mr Nasty Donald. Ohh just seen a pig fly past me

William Longworth

Ed’s Note [Rich]: I don’t think that Stewart Donald is a nasty person, William, I just don’t think he’s cut out to run a major football club. That’s a subjective opinion based on what I’ve seen and learned over the past two years. Donald’s just about apologised for the mistakes he’s made that have led to us not being promoted to the Championship, and I think he should apologise for the half-truths and the false promises that have been well documented by Red & White Army and others, and for lashing out at those who have questioned his running of the club. He’s walking away now, and others will have to clear up the mess.

But let’s be unambiguous about this - there’s absolutely no excuse for nastiness, unfounded accusations and threats of any kind directed at the owners or their families. The only people who are responsible for the abuse are those committing it, and it has to stop.

Sunderland v Wycombe Wanderers - Sky Bet League One Photo by Ian Horrocks/Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

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