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Roker Rapport Podcast: With former Sunderland, Man City and QPR defender - Nedum Onuoha!

Jonny caught up with Nedum at his home in Utah - where he’s currently playing for Real Salt Lake in the MLS - to discuss his time at Sunderland through the 2010/11 season and a few of the highs and lows of his career so far.

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What are we talking about?

  • Leaving his beloved Manchester City for the first time after rising through the Etihad ranks as a youngster; How did the move come about?
  • What were his thoughts on arrival on Wearside, and just how strong a squad did we have back then?
  • The Incident and the aftermath; Our defeat to Newcastle a decade ago seemed to prompt a change for the better in that side, what does he think caused ‘the incident’ and how did the team respond behind the scenes to such a blow?
  • As the side recovered and regained momentum, Nedum decided to go all Lionel Messi to score a quite spectacular goal in our victory over then Champions Chelsea at Stamford Bridge; Was that shock on his face or something else? Some context for that pic from his point of view...
  • The loss of Darren Bent; How many of the squad saw that coming, did it significantly impact squad unity or morale or was it just one of those things?
  • Jordan Henderson; Did Nedum see the player he would become today, and was there anything holding him back at the time? (Editors note: I love this answer like)
  • His favourite players, his best mates in the group, and his relationship with then manager Steve Bruce; Was he offered the chance to sign permanently? Would he have liked to?
  • Leaving to join QPR with Ferdinand; How did all that go then?
  • Nedum breaks down the big differences between the English leagues and the MLS, as well as telling us all about that Zlatan Ibrahimovic meltdown;
  • His top 5 players and his favourite manager to work under, also... can he bring himself to watch Sunderland Til I Die?

Great chat with a great player and character who helped us achieve our highest league finish since the Reid years, a player more than a few of us wanted to keep...

Busy week for Pods coming Lads and Lasses. Enjoy!

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