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Roker Rapport Exiles Podcast: Talking EFL Salary Caps, SAFC Kits & Sunderland’s coming season

Join the Roker Rapport Podcast Exiles lads as they discuss the return of football for Sunderland, what they’ve been up to during lockdown, and look at the Salary Cap the EFL have introduced. You can listen for FREE on AcastiTunesSpotify, & YouTube - get stuck in.

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What are we talking about?

  • Brett gives the ego of our Chris Wynn a good massage;
  • Brett fails to massage the ego of our poor John Stacey;
  • How have those exiled to the distant lands of.. Milton Keynes, Sheffield and Lincoln.. been feeling about the coming season? Who do we still need in their opinion?
  • The EFL Salary Cap; What do the lads make of it since it’s announcement roughly a week ago? Is it something that makes sense? Is it fair for all clubs?
  • The new Sunderland AFC Nike/Avec kits; Design-wise.. Do the lads actually like it? If they do, do they approve of the standard of the kits being sold, and the actual deal that isn't quite all it seems to be? (While trying to not come across negative... Aye)
  • A brief chat about the players brought in (at the time of recording) and how they look from watching their former fans comments; Including an Exiles thoughts on the apparent occasional issue with player relocation from daan saaaf.
  • The lads return to their favourite game - Playing away - Where this season they hope to be able to remember who is actually winning.. While trying to stick to the rules (whatever they are this time)
  • Chris insults Brett by calling him a Londoner, John tries to be all enthusiastic about playing Plymouth Argyle, and all the boys try to avoid using too many of their inside jokes.

It’s been a long Summer.

If you’re waiting for our interview with Chris Makin btw, apologies (that’s my doing) that’ll be with you all very soon. Cheers for listening!

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