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Fan Letters: Sunderland is “in a truly sad place and it’s going to get worse”

In today’s Fan Letters, Sam bemoans the club’s position, Ian thinks Kevin Ball would be an ideal candidate to run the academy, and Anthony urges fans to keep the faith. What do you think? Email us:!

Sunderland v Wycombe Wanderers - Sky Bet League One Photo by Ian Horrocks/Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

It’s tragic to see how our club has sunk so low. Same old meaningless press reports, trying to beef up news, day after day. What comes out, is much ado about nothing and no one really cares and to be honest it’s becoming boring.

Our owners continue to salvage any value left (selling on good young Academy players on the cheap) in the club before it sinks.

The last 2 seasons were the same as this one. Bring in lots of free/loan players, that no half decent club would sign, quantity not quality, while cashing in on the Academy. We’re in a truly sad place and it’s going to get worse.

Not one ticket should be bought, till SD puts back every penny of the clubs money he has used for his personal gain. Depending on what version you believe, it’s between £20-35 Million. This should be deducted from any sale price and be put back in our club. With this money put back, our club would be in a very healthy position to go forward with proper new owners.

We all know that this won’t happen, because it would mean SD and his cronies (CM & Sartori) would be lucky to walk away with the £3-5 Million they originally put in, instead of walking away with our parachute money, which was the sole reason they bought the club In the first place.

Sam Lucas

Ed’s Note [Tom]: It feels like we’re in a hopeless place, doesn’t it Sam? I know RAWA are trying to move to become a Supporters Trust, and truthfully that might become a necessity as the club sinks deeper into the abyss.

Sunderland AFC

Dear Roker Report,

Re: Bally as the new Academy manager.

He would be ideal seems to get respect from young players and very few has as much experience on and off the pitch at Sunderland. Would be a kick in the teeth if he is not considered or given the job. Could and would not be as useless as the past personnel.

Also: The person before with the Direct Debit problem, I wonder who his bank is as my bank notifies me at least 1 week before they take a DD payment to let me know and ask is this payment authorised by me. As for ticket master they replied giving details.

Ian D

Ed’s Note [Tom]: Hi Ian, I really hope Bally is given the chance to fulfil some kind of genuinely meaningful role at the club. He’s a fighter with standards - something the club desperately needs right now. Hope you’re well.

Kevin Ball 2

Dear Roker Report,

I am disappointed with everything as the next man but IF everybody abandons the club where are we going to end up? Keep the faith, hopefully it can only get better I renewed mine and I will keep doing so we don’t want to end up in administration God forbid. Stay safe.

Anthony Degiovanni

Ed’s Note [Tom]: Hi Anthony, I think there comes a point where many fans need to make their frustrations known. The club is in a precarious position due to mismanagement across all levels of the organisation - people have had enough and this is their way of voicing that dismay. Hope you’re well.

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