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Roker Rapport P*ssedcast: Business Time - Looking at Sunderland AFC’s business and fan policies!

Gav was joined last week in his studio/kitchen for a chat/drink with Tom Atkinson, Neil Graney (and a bottle of rum) over the state of affairs at SAFC currently. You can listen for FREE on AcastiTunesSpotify, & YouTube - get stuck in!

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Sean Brown

Gav starts drinking...

  • The mystery of Sunderland finances, and the spectre of Charlie Methven and Co;
  • Fan engagement; The lads wax lyrical about the performance in that area, particularly since the pandemic began and the disillusionment fans feel regarding all things Sunderland.
  • The club sales pitch and specifically marketing policies; Do they have any, and if so... what are they exactly?

Gav continues drinking...

  • What do those in charge of the club expect from the fans, and should they be offering more in return than mere soundbites and endless statements apologising for not understanding our point the first few dozen times?
  • What should the club be looking at in order to win fans back, regardless of who the owners are;
  • How does everyone feel about the season to come, how much pressure should be put on people like Dave Jones and Tom Sloanes, and just how much can the fanbase be put through before they disengage completely;

Gav realises just how much he’s drunk - Podcast ends.

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