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Fan Letters: Where does Stewart Donald “get the figure of £37.5 million from?” Asks Sunderland fan

In today’s Fan Letters, Harry asks whether Sunderland fans are part of the problem, and Dave wants to know how Donald came to his valuation of the club? Got something you want to say? Email us:!

Sunderland v Wolverhampton Wanderers - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Ian Horrocks/Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

It is time we realised as fans of our club that we may be the reason no one wants to buy. Any prospective buyers must be looking in and thinking, this could be us in a year or so. We as fans have become so hate filled and toxic, which seems to be the phrase attached to the club recently that it doesn’t matter who comes in, they are going to have very thick skin.

Whilst I do not want to detract from the many misgivings I have for the current ownership I think it is time to get behind the team, stop the vitriol and allow the owners to manage the club until it is sold.

We have a responsibility as fans to take the high ground not to sink in to trash/gutter talk with everyone who will listen. I know that not many will agree with this sentiment, but for our long term existence as a football club we need to back off and get behind the lads on the pitch.

Harry Cole

Editor’s Note [Tom]: Hi Harry, hope you’re safe and well. While I respect your opinion, I have to note that I entirely disagree with it. Fans have backed the team - hence breaking the attendance record in this league and constantly selling out away days; we even changed the seats in the stadium and bought tickets for those struggling to buy their own! Kieran Maguire on The Price of Football podcast noted this week that potential buyers would not be concerned with the fan unrest - they will care about the asking price and the club’s finances. It’s disingenuous for the owner to blame fans for the failures of the club’s hierarchy. We aren’t putting buyers off - an inflated asking price and limited success on the pitch are. Hope you’re safe and well.

The newly refurbished East Stand after just two seat phases. Sunderland AFC

Dear Roker Report,

If Stewart Donald says he only wants what he paid for the club back, but where does he get the figure of £37.5 million from? By his own admission he states that out of his own pocket he invested £5 million, so where does the other £32.5 million come from?

Maybe I’m not as good at maths as I thought I was, but even if you add in Charlie’s £2 million & Juan’s £1 it doesn't add up to the price he is asking for. So is this another attempt to pull the wool over our eyes?

Even if you add the £20 million parachute payment it still falls short of his asking price by £10.5million. If anyone can work it out differently I’d very much like to see it. Then again I've only been a fan since the mid fifties so maybe my brain isn’t working right?

Stay safe!

Dave in Lincolnshire

Editor’s Note [Tom]: Hi Dave, all good here - hope you’re safe and well, too! The financial picture is about as clear as mud, I’m afraid. I’d like to see the club show some financially literate fans the current financial situation, but I don’t see that happening. Kieran Maguire argued on The Price of Football podcast that he values the club at around £20-25 million at most, so where the asking price comes from is anyone’s guess.

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