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Fan Letters: “Perhaps this is part of an elaborate plan to lull other teams into complacency, but...”

In today’s Fan Letters, Colter Lasley asks if this the wrong time for Sunderland to change recruitment team, and Paul wants more answers from Stewart Donald. Have you got something you want to say? Email us:!

Sunderland v Gillingham - FA Cup
Laurens De Bock is just one player recruited by Sunderland who has failed to make an impact
Photo by Mark Fletcher/MI News/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

I hope everyone is well. Our previous recruitment has been not particularly good; a fitting description might be consistently mediocre. However, if we have spent these past months planning contingencies for recruitment this summer, why, right when the transfer window opens, have we fired the two people in charge of recruitment?

I am certainly no expert in football transfers, and perhaps this is part of an elaborate plan to lull other teams into complacency, but... it does not seem like the best plan.

Any thoughts?

Cordially Yours,

Colter Lasley

Ed’s Note [Rich]: Thanks for writing, Colter, I think we’re all good here. Recruitment has certainly let us down - a comparatively massive wage bill hasn’t been spent well at all - and so I’m quite glad to see a change of tack from the club in this regard. But the timing of this seems to be as much to the wrangling at the top as any new strategy.

Encouragingly. the two faces who appear to be in the running for the Head of Recruitment, Guy Branston from Leicester City’s academy and Craig Dean, Head of Emerging Talent at Leeds United, appear to have plenty of experience. Let’s hope the interview process can be concluded soon and whoever is charged with sifting the best talent from the pool of talent that will be available this summer can use all the data and industry contacts available to get us a promotion-ready squad. I’m weirdly optimistic about our ability as a club, despite everything that’s going on, to attract players here with our facilities and our fans.

Soccer - StreetGames Football Pools Fives - Goals Plymouth
Leicester City’s Guy Branston is reportedly in the running for the Head of Recruitment roles at SAFC
Photo by Tim Ireland/PA Images via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

Well where do I start.

SD has finally shown his true colours after that fiasco on Thursday.

Looney Tune Rodwell, isn’t much better. In fact, as posted a while ago, this Rodders is in the same as the other fleecing Rodwell of old.

Anyway my question is, if anyone can answer; the 10 MILLION pound loan we got from [FPP], I think that’s right. What has happened to that? How are SAFC repaying it and at what interest rates, and how much do we owe now, along with all the other debts?

How much has SD fleeced us for?

Ha’way the lads!


Ed’s Note [Rich]: Aright there, Paul, thanks for writing in. While I totally agree that Donald exposed himself on Thursday as man who can be petty and vindictive, and Rodwell has had a terrible start to his role as CEO, I don’t really think it’s productive to use terms like “looney” when we’re talking about anyone - even when you think they’re not doing their job properly. I’ll be as glad to see the back of Madrox as anyone, but we need to remember that this is only football and respecting others as people is still important. But anyway, you’re right that there are still unanswered questions regarding the cash from FPP and hopefully when Sunderland’s 208-19 accounts and the promised 2019-20 financial statement are finally published at the end of the month we will get some clearer answers.

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