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Fan Letters: “I love how we have a player of Aiden McGeady’s talent in our squad”

RR readers Roger, Gerald & Pat give their takes on the dire situation at Sunderland - and is there still hope for Aiden McGeady, or is his time over? Email us:!

Sunderland v Gillingham - FA Cup Photo by Mark Fletcher/MI News/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

This take looks like pure money making for all concerned. Donald will be happy to run the club with crowds as low as 12-14k; players on no wages. Accrington springs to mind - he will not take the risk in Championship.

And [the] academy [is] run down and [could be] sold for building, with Americans recouping their loan plus a profit on the sale.

I hope this not correct.

Roger Stokell

Ed’s Note [Rich]: I hope you’re not correct either, Roger, but these are definitely some of our biggest fears as a fanbase. The money needed to compete in the Championship looks to be beyond Stewart Donald’s means. I think we now all need clear answers about his intentions for Sunderland AFC.

Dear Roker Report,

I hope you publish this as I have supported SAFC since 1949 and feel so passionately about this club and the new low its at. Now, I love how we have a player of Aiden McGeady’s talent in our squad, but for how long with this bloke Parkinson in charge. He plays long ball football, and Wyke plays every week and the football is diabolical.

We wont play decent football ‘til Parkinson goes, and I don’t know why the man can’t sit down and talk to McGeady and sort it. Do you remember when he offered Will Grigg the penalty to finally get him off the mark? That doesn’t seem like a troublemaker to me.

Lastly, if we get rid of Parkinson and play passing football you will get the best out of will Grigg who is a very good striker. The style of long ball football doesn’t suit his attributes.

So I say keep McGeady and Grigg, and move Parkinson out. I feel the Aiden McGeady situation is money orientated; they just want to save money and get him off the payroll. That is the extent of the [issue] with the current owners.

Gerald McCuller

Ed’s Note [Rich]: Thanks for writing in, Gerald, I hope you’re keeping well. There’s no doubt that Aiden McGeady has talent, and that he carried the team in 2018-19. Parkinson’s arrival clearly marked a change in playing style that alienated the Irishman that clearly didn’t suit him, but we all suspect that getting his wages off the bill was also part of the reason he’s spent the end of the current season on loan at Charlton. For me, both he and Grigg could still play a big role in our future if they show their commitment. But we may also have a wage cap to deal with in the years ahead.

Sunderland v Heerenveen Pre-Season Friendly Photo by Iam Burn/MI News/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

So 7 or 8 required so says PP, I can only hope he can bring in tall, fit fast lads, as this is the minimum required in this league. Also, if Ipswich are serious about our none scoring centre forward, let me know if he needs a lift. With regards to the dubious owners, I can only wish they would see sense and move on. It will only go one way if they stay in charge.

Pat Wisbach

Ed’s Note [Rich]: Cheers for writing, Pat. At the minute it feels like the club needs a complete reset; new ownership, new a new management structure, a refreshed playing squad. I too would dearly love to see more pace and power in our team - it’s clearly what works best at this level. The next few weeks and months - as the EFL tries to restart with coronavirus not yet eradicated - are going to be crucial for the long-term future of the club.

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