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Roker Rapport Podcast: An Interview with former Sunderland winger and cult hero - Ross Wallace!

Gav was joined by Ross to chat about his time at SAFC during the glorious 2006/07 title winning season under manager and former teammate Roy Keane and more. You can listen for FREE on AcastiTunesSpotify, & YouTube - get stuck in!

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What are we talking about?

  • What was it like moving from Celtic to Sunderland, and how much convincing did Ross need to make the move?
  • How was playing under notorious mackem lover - Mr Joey Barton - at Fleetwood?
  • The Keano era; What did Roy bring to the role of Manager, and does Ross think he should still be in the game?
  • Topless pics; Just how fond of wearing a top is Ross, and how did Roy react to the trouble he’d get in just celebrating a winner?
  • What were his favourite memories of his time at Sunderland, how did he feel about leaving the club and how close did he come to signing for us under Jack Ross?
  • What are his plans for the future, does he still feel the buzz back home in Scotland, and how fit is he feeling at the moment?

Stories from behind the scenes, Keano’s sense of humour, laughing at the lads stuck behind the bus, the incredible bond the squad had, the feeling of playing and scoring in front of the Sunderland fans and much, much more!

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