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Fan Letters: “What do we do now? The club aren’t giving us any positive news”

In today’s fan letters, Steve and Mark are both despair at the state of Sunderland AFC on and off the pitch, but still hope that the club can have a bright future. Got something to say? Email us:!

Sunderland v Blackpool - EFL Sky Bet League 1 Photo by MI News/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

Well, we’re about to start another season in the 3rd division. Is anyone surprised? I’m not.

I said to anyone who’d listen that the Checkatrade Final would mess us up for the future. Unfortunately, I was proved right. To be honest not getting promoted in the last two seasons was a godsend, as we would have struggled at best or probably relegated again.

What do we do now? The premier league money is gone, season ticket sales are (will be) down. The club aren’t giving us any positive news. Our best goalkeeper has left, we still have two forwards who don’t score many goals, take Maguire out of midfield then there’s not many goals from them either. The lack of creativity is shocking. The lack of speed in the team needs to be addressed as does the strength or bottle as we have been bullied out of games regularly.

What’s happening with McGeady ? Is he out of contract now? Leadbitter should be bossing games in this division, he might have lost his pace but his passing should be miles better than any other player in this league.

With the start of the new season not far away, I’m in limbo of how I feel about promotion. I’d like to come away from games feeling that they gave their all and if that’s not good enough so be it.

I got my first season ticket in 1977 and I’ll keep it until the I die, through good and bad, and hopefully better.


Ed’s Note [Rich]: Cheers for writing in Steve. The club’s in a right mess, mate, on and off the pitch, and you’re right that it’s not been the same since that match at Wembley against Portsmouth. At least we did get news in the last few days that Chris Maguire has signed up for next season, that’s one thing. If we can somehow managed to put together a competitive squad capable of a title-winning season, I’m sure we’ll be filled with confidence again about our future as a club. But it’s a big if.

Keep the faith.

Dear Roker Report,

l would like to say to Mr Methven; you have not been forced out, you just could not take criticism. He can criticise other people but can not take it himself.

Since day one they did not have clue what they were doing; employing Mr Hill! This is a man fired at Eastleigh, and if he can’t get it right there he ain’t going to get it right here.

What they are doing now is selling every valuable asset going in the club, taking the money, and they’re gone. The club had no intention of offering Maja and McLaughlin contracts because the money was not there to do so. The fans have been well and truly screwed.

We have Grigg now saying he never wanted to come - that’s bullshit. He employs an agent, he got him the best deal out there; he will be on a percentage of the fee and probably a good wage. The club are paying his wages; this is a classic player’s bullshit. He wants out, again a situation the management handled badly from day one. He has took the piss.

I remember them famous words the days of piss takers coming to this club are over; the ones who said it turned out to be the piss takers.

As the song goes things can only get better! If there are any rich owners out there, please come and rescue this club, because I think the club could become successful again. Please Reidy, Quinny, Gray, Bennett, Bally, see if you can pull a rabbit out of the bag.


Mark Wild

Ed’s Note [Rich]: Good to hear from you again, Mark. You’re right, it was really disappointing to hear what seemed to be a lack of passion and commitment in Will Grigg’s recent interview. I’d love to see the fella prove us wrong and manage to turn his Sunderland career around though, and new owners who have the club in their hearts would be a boost to everyone including the demoralised players. As for the piss-taking owners, I’ve nothing more to add to what you’ve said.

Soccer - FA Carling Premiership - Sunderland v Wimbledon Photo by Steve Morton/EMPICS via Getty Images

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