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Fan Letters: “Who the hell gives any credence to what that clown Methven says?”

In today’s Fan Letters, Sam talks about his disappointment in the ownership while Gordon talks about the influence of the fanbase. Got something to say? Email us:!

Durham Miners Association

Dear Roker Report,

Who the hell gives any credence to what that clown Methven says? Along with his partner, they are 2 Southern chancers, who came into our club with one single agenda. Get their hands on our parachute money, pay off ES, then sell the club and walk away with the proceeds—our parachute money. It hinged on the formality of us getting promoted in that first season but it never went to plan. The fans saw through their game and wanted them both out. For them to compare themselves with our previous owners is pathetic. They have no money and are to chancers, end of.

Sam Lucas

Ed’s Note [Tom]: Hi Sam, I think people are rightly disappointed and horrified at the petty, callous manner in which Charlie Methven portrayed the Sunderland fans in that interview. The ownership’s relationship with fans is at rock bottom - especially after the season card debacle - yet somehow that interview plunged it even lower. It feels almost impossible for the owners to come back from the last few months of really awful management - it’s worrying times right now.

Dear Roker Report,

When Jack Ross was sacked we were in 6th place. I felt we should have stuck with Ross.

Now sitting 8th. We need to give the managers more time, Parkinson must get a chance to take us up.

We fans quite rightly deserve success, but we have too much influence now when it comes to management change. Once the club is under new ownership with people that care about Sunderland

lets do the right thing and SUPPORT their decisions.

Peter Reid was manager for 7 years and our most successful, he was quoted recently as saying Sunderland are a club with Premier league supporters. We know we are so let’s get behind the club and get back where we belong. Howay the Lads.

Gordon Henderson

Ed’s Note [Tom]: Hi Gordon, I think Jack Ross’ sacking was purely down to the owners gambling on bringing someone in who would get us promoted by whatever means necessary... alas that didn’t quite work out. Fans have every right to voice their opinions, I think the best managers on Wearside acknowledge that. There is a specific type of manager who thrives on Wearside: Reid, Keane, Bruce (for a while), and Allardyce are very similar managers in the manner in which they exude confidence and get the entire club fighting for one common goal - without that the fans are left on the outside looking in. I don’t disagree that we need to support managerial decisions, but when it’s clearly not working we have every right to voice our displeasure.

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