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Fan Letters: “Put Kev Phillips and Peter Reid in charge, that would raise our hopes!”

Roker Report readers Robert Averre and Andrew Bailey both want to see Sunderland turn to iconic figures from the past to solve our current woes. Got something to say?!

Sunderland v Leicester Photo by Owen Humphreys - PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

Niall Quinn is telling supporters not to desert the club and keep the faith. I’m sure if he is that concerned why doesn’t he get a consortium together to buy the club. Then rid us of Parkinson and put Kev Phillips and Peter Reid in charge, that would certainly fill the ground and raise our hopes for the future.

Robert Averre

Ed’s Note [Rich]: When Niall Quinn speaks, Sunderland fans sit up and listen. I’m sure you’ll agree, Robert, that he’s been a fine servant to this club in almost all capacities. I like many of us welcome a consortium headed by Quinn with a management team including Kevin Phillips with open arms. I’m not sure if the return of Peter Reid is the answer at this stage - it’s usually best not to go back to what worked 20 years ago.

We’re now a very different club in a very different situation, and when Quinny calls for loyalty and faith amongst the fans it has to be coupled with some hope. As things stand financially in football, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that we might have to build that hope ourselves. Otherwise we will be sitting around waiting for a saviour who may never come.

Dear Roker Report,

So the inevitable “ slow car crash “ of our season, that was already sliding on the black ice before lockdown, reached its inevitable conclusion and we are the 52nd best team out of 91 - not good enough. We can argue for ever and a day about the unfairness of the way it ended but, if we had been where say Wycombe or Fleetwood finished, does anyone really think the club and the fans would have been agitating a different result?

I see the response of Peterborough, a club in a similar position, is to plan a “ revenge tour’ in 2020-21. Unless I am missing something I do not detect a similar “gut feeling” call to arms from either the Sunderland board or the manager. The impression I got from STID was that the current board try and micromanage the managers and I do not think Phil Parkinson has the steel to do what is necessary.

So who do we got with to get our misfiring, can’t put a game to bed squad going ?

I can see the romantic appeal of that super forward Kevin Phillips and would love to see him have a go. If Super Kev needs support, in place of the mooted Warnock or McCarthy what is Peter Reid doing at the moment? However, whilst Clough-Taylor showed the strength of a duo of personalities, you more often get the other side; fond memories of Wilkinson-Cotterill anyone?

Another, more left field candidate, is another super forward with Sunderland connections, who is apparently contemplating from north of the border whether it is worth him taking up coaching in the current wider political climate , 38 year old Jermain Defoe.

What have we got to lose and if he too needs guidance, how about Big Sam?

Only a thought

Andrew Bailey

Ed’s Note [Rich]: You might be on to something there, Andrew. If Parkinson was to be replaced as manager, perhaps under new ownership, we could certainly do a lot worse than giving Defoe a chance. Throughout his career he’s show himself as a professional and as a person to be a man of intelligence and real leader. He almost certainly would have the respect of the fans, and hopefully be given enough time and resources to shape a young and exciting team. Others from his generation of England stars are forging their way in management and there should be no reason why Jermain Defoe couldn’t follow Frank Lampard or Steven Gerrard into management. I really hope he does do his UEFA badges and is approached when the vacancy next arises. Like all young managers, he would need an experienced team around him; maybe an experienced assistant manager who knows the EFL... someone like Kevin Phillips perhaps?

Sunderland v Swansea City - Premier League - Stadium of Light Photo by Owen Humphreys/PA Images via Getty Images

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