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Fan Letters: Fans discuss what lies ahead for Sunderland AFC after another disappointing year

In today’s Fan Letters Mark, Doug, and Shaun discuss potential signings, the current state of the club, and the location of away fans in the SoL. Got something to say? Email us:!

Coventry City v Sunderland - Sky Bet League One Photo by Ian Horrocks/Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

Right decision made on all players released it was needed wish them all luck for the future. Looking forward on recruitment if Parky does not get it right he will be gone after eight games that’s a certainty. I think we need pace and strength in the team, so many teams have dwarfed us in the last two seasons this has to be addressed this season. Granduillet released by Blackpool would be a excellent target man get him signed up and Maddison, as for Alnwick as keeper not sure no one else has picked him up that says a lot. There will be any amount of free agents available we have to get recruitment right this time and get it done early for a change not as every other season last minute deals rushed and pointless signings as Declan John was. The last few seasons we have lost young talent to the big teams in the Prem, it is time to get favours from these for loan signings of there young upcoming stars .Unfortunately we have heard again we will have the biggest budget again, sick of hearing that old cherry, if it is not managed correctly this means nothing and if Donald and co have the last say on this wow we are screwed. The Grigg fiasco said it all on Sunderland till I die bad management at its worst, for the first time I think the clubs will have the upper hand due to covid. The opportunity is there to bring in decent signings this is probably the most crucial time in Sunderlands history we have to get it right, we can definitely not spend another season in league one. Every one take care hope we have a great season 2021 and some luck we are due it.

Mark Wild

Ed’s Note [Tom]: Hi Mark, l hope you’re safe and well. I agree with your note about the kind of players we should be trying to sign; this side has lacked pace and physicality for what feels like an eternity - we desperately need some this season. The names you mentioned, though, are more than likely out of our reach now, I’m afraid. Armand Gnanduillet and Marcus Maddison are attracting interest from the Championship and will likely take those offers over us. Furthermore, if the EFL do bring through their plans to introduce a £2.5 million limit for League One sides, then Sunderland will have to look at reducing their sizeable £12 million+ wage bill within the next year. As such, I don’t think we will be going after big names, and the poor management you rightly bemoaned will have to find a way to somehow bring in the players we need to go up, whilst also lowering the wage bill. It will be an enormous ask. Stay safe, mate, and thanks for writing in.

Hull City v Brentford - Sky Bet Championship - KCOM Stadium Photo by Richard Sellers/EMPICS/PA Images via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

Our season has come to an abrupt halt, did we deserve promotion? No. Were we good enough? No.

The silence from the club is deafening. They have given no statements other than to antagonise fans.

It worries me greatly that another season in League One is confirmed, and also that season card sales are going to be down.

I have been a hardened fan since the late 70’s & without doubt this is the lowest point in the clubs history.

Like many, I thought when Donald & Co arrived I felt optimism, but now it’s fallen totally flat.

My club has lost its identity which needs to be restored, sadly I don’t foresee this.

Doug Raine (Loyal to the core)

Ed’s Note [Tom]: Hi Doug, thanks for writing in - I hope you’re safe and well. I’m also not massively despondent about not having the chance of promotion because it doesn’t feel like we genuinely deserved it. I know a lot can happen in football, but nothing about the club’s performances or practices has screamed out that we are deserving of promotion. The worst part about this summer (so far) is that it seemed to take outcry from the fans in response to an absurd decision on season tickets for the club to do the right thing. Unfortunately, it feels like the club are incredibly disconnected from the fanbase. Here’s hoping there’s a catalyst that will encourage improvement.

Soccer - International Friendly - Italy v England - Juventus Stadium Getty

Dear Roker Report,

I agree with moving the fans back not only for the atmosphere but also for the club to save money. I noticed the amount of stewards upstairs managing a poor away support and started counting them, there was almost as many as in the rest of the ground ! I suggest closing the entire top tier, the stewards could be better used on other activities.

Shaun Garrett

Ed’s Note [Tom]: Shaun, thanks for writing in. It would be interesting to know whether it would be cheaper to house the away fans in the lower section of the stadium. If I’m not mistaken, the South Stand was specifically built to house away fans, so that might well be the case. I certainly think it would help the atmosphere, but your points are also worth considering. Hope you’re well.

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