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Roker Rapport Podcast: The end of Sunderland’s 19/20 season w/ RAWA & the Echo’s Phil Smith!

Joining us to celebrate the end of Sunderland’s disastrous second consecutive season in the third tier and looking forward to our consecutive third in the 9th circle of football hell is Dave Rose from the Red and White Army and Phil Smith from the Sunderland Echo!

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Sean Brown

What are we talking about?

  • Hahahahahaha.. Ah man.. Guess.
  • What went wrong, what went even more wrong, what we need to make it right and who is to blame for the absolute mess we find ourselves still in;
  • Thoughts on the EFL voting system and how we’d have liked the decision to be made;
  • Recruitment for next season; With the Pandemic creating a chaotic draft like scenario across the divisions, how do we think we’ll do getting the players in we need and holding on to the players we have?
  • The occasional joke about how mint everything is...


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