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Roker Rapport Podcast: With former Sunderland winger and IFK Göteborg legend - Tobias Hysén!

We had the chance to chat with former Sunderland winger, a member of a Swedish football family dynasty and an IFK Göteborg legend - Toby Hysén - about his time on Wearside under Roy Keane, his career, and passion for football to this day. You can listen for FREE on AcastiTunesSpotify, & YouTube - get stuck in!

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What are we talking about?

  • What’s Tobias been up to since the lighter form of lockdown in Sweden took place?
  • His arrival at Sunderland in 2006 under Sunderland Legend Niall Quinn, who was trying to famously juggle a few jobs at once around the club;
  • The subsequent arrival of Keano, and the huge flow of new signings into that squad as Roy attempted something of a miracle; Why does Tobias think he’s not had as good a run in management since?
  • His favourite memories of the squad and the season; Who really stood out and why? Who was the leader in the dressing room and how did the added competition impact his ability to get a good playing rhythm?
  • Team bonding sessions abroad, Roy helping him celebrate his 25th birthday (aye...) trips to Seaham and all the twists and turns of that season, as well as considering just how impressive that promotion run was;
  • The best players he’s played alongside, a more human side to Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the defensive skills of Jonny Evans, the leadership qualities of Yorke, Tobias’ unreal passion for the game - in particular English football - as well as his beloved boyhood and family club in Sweden and the reason he had to leave England when he did;
  • His thoughts on the lack of consistency at the club in the years since he left, the need for a singular direction and mindset and his message to the fans who he feels may have expected more from him, as well as some thought’s on why all the NE clubs should be playing together in the same league;

Back in 2006 a teenage Gav made the decision to get new Swedish star Hysén’s name across the back of his shirt, little did he know that would serve him well in years to come... A great chat with a ridiculously pragmatic, astute and dedicated footballer and most importantly a true footballing fan with a more than evident love for the beautiful game. Listen In!

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