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Roker Report’s Brainbusters: Can you get full marks in our quiz all about... Niall Quinn?

How much do you know about the ex-Sunderland star Niall Quinn?! Take our quiz and test your knowledge! Let us know how you get on...

Sunderland FC Photo by NCJ Archive/Mirrorpix/Getty Images

Answers are at the bottom...good luck and let us know how you fare!

Question 1...

1. At which club did Niall Quinn make his professional debut?

Question 2...

2. From which club did Sunderland sign Niall Quinn?

Question 3...

3. Against which club did Niall Quinn make his debut for Sunderland?

Soccer - Nationwide League Division One - Nottingham Forest v Sunderland Photo by Barrington Coombs/EMPICS via Getty Images

Question 4...

4. Against which club did Niall Quinn score his first goal for Sunderland?

Question 5...

5. How many times did Niall Quinn score over 15 league goals for Sunderland in a single season?

Question 6...

6. True or False?: Niall Quinn gained more than 100 international caps for the Republic of Ireland.

Soccer - Friendly - Manchester City v Sunderland Photo by Neal Simpson/EMPICS via Getty Images

Question 7...

7. True or False: The transfer fee paid by Sunderland to sign Niall Quinn was a then club record transfer fee.

Question 8...

8. Which of the following players has scored more goals for Sunderland?

A. Eric Gates (1985-1990)

B. Niall Quinn (1996-2002)

C. Dennis Tueart (1967-1974)

Question 9...

9. In what year did Niall Quinn play his last game for Sunderland?

Finally... Question 10...

10. Who was the manager of Sunderland when Niall Quinn played his last game for the club?

SOCCER Sunderland v Spurs Photo by Owen Humphreys - PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images


1. Arsenal

2. Manchester City

3. Leicester City

4. Nottingham Forest

5. Twice [16 - 1997-98 & 18 - 1998-99]

6. False - Niall Quinn gained 92 international caps for the Republic of Ireland]

7. True

8. B. – Niall Quinn, 69 goals in 220 appearances

[Eric Gates – 55 goals in 220 appearances & Dennis Tueart 56 goals in 218 appearances]

9. 2002

10. Howard Wilkinson

How did you do!?

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