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Roker Rapport Podcast: An Interview with former Sunderland & Wolves Legend - Jody Craddock!

We had the wonderful opportunity to catch up with a legend of the Reidy years, former Sunderland & Wolves Centre Back Jody Craddock, delving into his years at Sunderland and beyond. You can listen for FREE on AcastiTunesSpotify, & YouTube - get stuck in!

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  • His transition from Cambridge to Sunderland; How did all that come about?
  • Resident RR Quizmaster Chris Wynn takes a deep dive into Jody’s Sunderland career; A season by season/blow by blow account...
  • Jody speaks candidly about his time at the club, his love for the fans, his determination to do the best he possibly could, and both Lads try to put their finger on what exactly happened in those consecutive 7th place finish seasons;
  • His views on his teammates, his favourite partnerships, that Charlton playoff final, the derbies against the mags, the character of the dressing room and the importance of having strength in depth;
  • His views on the timing of Reidy’s departure and the bizarre appointment of Wilkinson; When did he see the wheels beginning to come off?
  • His move to Wolves, reuniting with old teammates, his testimonial match with the Lads, and looking at his career in hindsight;
  • His love of art and his evolution as an artist;
  • Trying to understand what Alex Rae was saying, out drinking with the fans in his tracksuit by Reidy’s command, his admiration for those around him, and Jody extends his thanks to all the fans that supported himself, his wife and their family through the heartbreaking loss of his son Jake.

An open, in depth, honest and candid interview with a hero of a man. Listen in!

In Loving Memory of Jake Craddock.

Never Forgotten x

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