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Fan Letters: Reader “cannot believe how badly the club was run by the Short regime”

In today’s Fan Letters, Mark Wild raises some issues about the club after watching the second season of Sunderland Til I Die. Got something to say? Email us:!

Dear Roker Report,

Having just watched Sunderland till I die cannot believe how badly the club was run by the Short regime. I have to reap praise on Donald and Methven how they have turned the club around financially. The two though massively went wrong on recruitment of Jack Ross and the farcical handling of the Maja and Grigg fiasco. They should of let Maja run his contract out because in the end they got peanuts for him.Then the Grigg situation Donald looked two faced as he was held to ransom by Wigan about the fee the thing he said he would not do at the start of his Sunderland tenure ie the piss taking stops here.In the end this came back to bite them in the arse. The start of series 2 showed that the Marketing side of the club was just there for the money,the lady who got fired was a disgrace and if that was how the club was ran for years good god we had no chance.As usual the fans are suffering again the appointment of Parkinson by Donald the wrong decision in my eyes .What the future holds and what new owners we end up with who knows hopefully the future looks bright.Lets hope when the season starts Sunderland can put a smile back on people’s faces when we all get through this dreadful virus everybody take care thank you

Mark Wild

Ed’s Note [Tom]: Hi Mark, thanks for writing in. Although STID2 is a great series, I can’t help but feel large chunks of it play to a specific narrative, that’s why I’m hesitant to really buy into specific themes that were brought up. You’re right in that the Maja saga was tough to watch and poorly handled, but we knew that without watching the show. I don’t think we can make accurate statements about specific people after a few scenes on TV - specifically staff who were painted in certain lights. Hopefully the resumption of footy raises our spirits, like you noted. Hope you’re keeping well.

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