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Fan Letters: Reader gives Sunderland fans another documentary to watch!

In today’s Fan Letters, our readers are reminiscing about old matches and former players as well as providing fans with another Sunderland documentary. Got something to say? Email us:!

Dear Roker Report,

Your report from ITHICS on the Watford (eight) 8 -Sunderland 0 reminded me of a memorable match from “ way back then!” As a new student in Leicester Poly in October 1968 I decided to hitch it down to London use my meagre grant (yes grant) to take the tube to Upton Park and buy a ticket at the ground (you could do it in those days).

I was full of optimism because at the end of the previous season I had travelled down to Old Trafford from home near Lancaster with a bus full of United supporters, and me and my brother were the only one happy (suppressing a grin) on the return journey as we had beaten the just become/ about to be European champions 2-0.

Back to Upton Park and Ron Greenwood’s Hammers. Let’s just say they were on fire and we were 4-0 down at half time. “Can’t be the same in the second half can it?” we quipped- It was! The Hammers rolled out 8 (eight)-0 winners, Hurst got 6 (six) and Monty saved a hatful. Hitching back involved a couple of hours kip under a flyover and arriving back to digs in the early hours.

The ups and downs of being a Mackem.

Andrew Bailey

Ed’s Note [Tom]: Thanks for writing in Andrew, it’s great to know that fans have been putting themselves through the wringer for this club for years. I suppose it makes the modern agony more bearable. Hope you are well!

West Ham v Sunderland - League Division One - Upton Park Photo by PA Images via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

I uploaded this earlier today, a documentary on Sunderland I put together.

Sometime in 2019 I set out to make my own Sunderland Documentary, just as a learning curve as I love editing and videography and always looking to get better. After news they might not release series two I thought I’d see what I could do. I’d wanted to release it months ago but just got so busy with work then with news of Netflix Series 2 on the way, I thought I best get it out. So I sat and finished it, it’s ready. Whilst it’s may not be perfect, I’d really ran out of time due to actual work, commitments and I’d exhausted all the content I could find online, so please just enjoy it for what it is, and get geared up for Series 2 of Sunderland Till I Die on Netflix.

I’m aware the colour grading could be better, cuts tighter, but for what it is... just enjoy, and please try not to be TOO critical.

Ha’way the Lads.

Ged Lawson

Ed’s Note [Tom]: Thanks, Ged! Great work, I hope you get some great feedback. Appreciate the effort you have put into this. Hope you’re keeping well.

Dear Roker Report,

Lee Cattermole was an underrated player. Over the last 10 years, he is the only player that could ignite passion into the rest of the team. He rolled his shorts up and the rest would roll their sleeves up. A different team when he wasn’t playing. I would have liked to see an England manager have the balls to give him a run in the national team.

Wayne Bamborough

Ed’s Note [Tom]: While Cattermole was at times limited in his technical ability, there is absolutely no doubt that he had the tenacity to help almost any side he was a part of. At times England looked weak in years gone by, maybe you’re right in that he would have offered the bite we seemingly lacked. Thanks for writing in mate, hope you’re well!

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