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Fan Letters: “Just look at the last time we employed a Rodwell!”

RR readers Malachi and Paul are greeting the appointment of CEO Jim Rodwell with a mix of confusion and bitter disappointment. Got something to say? Email us:!

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Dear Roker Report,

If I said that I understood the appointment of our new CEO Jim Rodwell, then I would be lying. Why is he leaving his steady job at Scunthorpe to come to Sunderland where he is more than likely to lose it within the year? It makes no sense. Surely once SD has sold the club then the new owners will want to put in place their own regime and their own backroom staff.

The fact that no one at Scunthorpe seems to be saddened or unhappy at the departure of Jim Rodwell worries me. Due to the fact that JR was hired by Scunthorpe to get them back in the Championship, to build a new stadium and the fact that he didn’t succeed in either of them, means that in my opinion this appointment is unwise.

You stated in a previous article from the 22nd April that you had met with a potential buyer. I understand that you can’t disclose their name or any details due to confidentiality but would it be possible for you answer these questions:

Have they ever owned a Football Club?

Do they have enough money to finance SAFC’s return to the top flight?

Malachi Donnelly

Ed’s Note [Alex]: It is somewhat peculiar that the club would appoint a new CEO when any fan capable of reading between the lines can see that Stewart Donald wants to sell the club at the first plausible opportunity to turn a profit.

I don’t enjoy entertaining this thought, but I can imagine Jim Rodwell carrying out his role in a similar way to what Martin Bain’s job description was perceived to be: the overseeing of the club’s administration on a day-to-day basis with the ultimate goal of ensuring that all costs are kept to a minimum, with any unnecessary expenditures eliminated altogether. Having someone like Jim (I hate calling him ‘Rodwell’) on hand to do this would made sense from Donald’s standpoint, as it would - in theory - allow him to keep the club as financially sound as possible while he strikes a deal with a potential buyer.

On that note, any ‘potential buyer’ currently in the peripheral of SAFC is unfortunately a moot point until the figures on the club’s price tag can be agreed upon by both parties. I’m sure we’ll all find out the financial details we’re desperate to know if or when that hurdle can be cleared.

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Dear Roker Report,

Well SAFC have done it again.

By the looks of it another Rodwell who will try and punch above his weight.

Just look at the at the last Rodwell who was employed by SAFC.

Made minimum contribution and bled us dry.

Looking at this Rodwell’s track record he could do the same, hope I’m wrong, but track records don’t lie, do they?


Ed’s Note [Alex]: Obviously it’s not Jim’s fault his surname is Rodwell, but I wouldn’t blame anyone if they perceived that appointment as an ill omen because of it.

His track record certainly isn’t a brilliant one; there are some positives to be taken from his time at Scunthorpe, but the ventures undertaken by him at his other clubs are marred with bitter disappointment. At the end of the day, I’m reserving all judgement of him as CEO of Sunderland until we actually see him in action - I don’t think it’s fair to condemn him based on past shortcomings - yet I’m far from inspired and am hardly waiting for his first significant actions with bated breath.

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