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Fan Letters: Sunderland fans give their opinions on the club’s new CEO, Jim Rodwell

Robert and Billy have written into the site today offering their thoughts on Sunderland’s new CEO, Jim Rodwell. What do you think of the club’s decision to appoint the former Scunthorpe man? Email us:!

Soccer - Notts County Press Conference - Ray Trew - Meadow Lane Photo by Andrew Matthews - PA Images via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

I’m pretty amazed to see Jim Rodwell has been given the CEO job at SAFC. I live in Nottingham and let’s just say he didn’t pull up any trees in the eyes of Notts County fans while he was their CEO. My recollection is that he gave the impression of being out of his depth, promised more than he delivered (rather than the other way round!) and that the person most impressed with his “chat” was him!

I’m not surprised by the account you received from your Scunthorpe correspondent. It doesn’t bode well, but I’ll happily hold my hands up if Rodwell proves us all wrong!

Robert Crosby

Ed’s Note [Tom]: Hi Robert, thanks for writing in. We had a good chat about this on the latest Roker Rapport podcast. I really do hope Rodwell does a good job here, and I think he deserves a chance to demonstrate his value. Laying out a plan we can all get behind and measure success against would be a great start. That being said, I think fans will be slightly anxious due to the reports that have surfaced from fans and correspondents of his former clubs. I really hope he finds success here, though!

Scunthorpe Live

Dear Roker Report,

I have just read the club statement concerning the new CEO and was shocked to at the mention of Sunderland’s ongoing success. Unless I fell asleep for 3 months and we are now promoted to the championship I really cant understand the clubs audacity to mention ongoing success. (2 lowest league positions in the clubs history) If its SDs ambition to have us eventually playing non league football then I agree with ongoing success. If we are talking about renewing the pink seats that was a success however SD the seat changing (Unlike the seats) no longer has legs. When we finish another season in league 1 with SD remaining as the club owner surely fans blinded by STID will realise SD is not the man for the job. SD please sell the club as the fans will turn on you when we have to spend our third season in league 1.


Ed’s Note [Tom]: Hi Billy, hope you’re well. I think the issue we’re all finding right now is that the club needs a reset, so to speak, in terms of expectations and aspirations. I think fans would be far more receptive to the owners holding their hands up and noting that things haven’t gone well. That clean slate would then allow them to offer a realistic vision of what we should be aiming for and how they think we can get there.

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