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Fan Letters: Reader poses Sunderland conundrum - can you identify the game Gary Owers scored in?

In today’s Fan Letters, Woody preaches patience on the ownership situation, while Tom asks which game is this article’s artwork from - Gary Owers’ goal in white shorts and a home shirt... but who against? Email us:!

Dear Roker Report,

Hope everyone is holding up ok!

For me, it’s not a matter of “if” Donald should go but “when”. I think we are all pretty much agreed he would struggle massively financially to get us from Champo to Prem, so he has to go once (if) we get promoted. But he could get us out of Div 1, and at this point he is the devil we know. Now if someone comes along offering a sweetheart deal for all parties, then off he should (and will) pop, but forcing him out now is very risky, who knows what we would end up with. Obviously there are many things that could happen to change these views, he may get super oil money funding and be in a place to take us all the way to the top, but if things stay as they are, without a better offer, let’s not harass the man out.

Stay safe,


Ed’s Note [Tom]: Hi Woody, I’m good thanks, hope you’re keeping well! I think you make a good point in that it seems really risky to force Donald out as soon as possible - that’s something I have written/discussed on multiple occasions now. Instead, I think we all need to be patient as you note in your letter. The fact of the matter is that Donald has been actively looking to sell the club for almost one year now (failed bid last summer), so he is clearly looking to either bring in external investment/sell his shares. I do have some doubt about the club’s financial ability to even compete at Championship level currently, so I am sure this coming summer will be an interesting one. Stay safe.

Sunderland AFC

Dear Roker Report,

Great interview with Gary Owers. Was my favourite player in my first season in attendance at roker 30 years ago.

However, what a puzzling picture of him scoring. I can’t remember us ever wearing that combo of home shirt and the white away shorts. The plot thickens further, with red seats in the background and a hummel advertising board.

Don goodman can also be seen, so its second half of 91/2 season or the 92/3 season. I thought it must be at Watford as they had hummel, black shorts and red seats, but a glance at stat cat shows that owers didn’t score in the fixture.

Great coronavirus quiz question that you’ve inadvertently set!


Ed’s Note [Tom]: Hi Tom, I’m bereft of ideas, I’m afraid. It was a great pod, though, and we’ve got a load more in the pipeline!

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