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Roker Rapport Podcast: More halcyon Sunderland days with the absolute lad - Darren Holloway!

Chris got the chance to speak with yet another absolute lad of a golden era in Sunderland’s (sort of) recent history - former Sunderland full back and current Darlington assistant manager Mr Darren Holloway! You can listen for FREE on AcastiTunesSpotify, & YouTube - get stuck in!

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What are we talking about?

  • Darren recalls his time as a youngster being brought in on the FA’s Youth Training Scheme at Sunderland, and getting coached by the legends Monty, George Herd and Pop Robson;
  • Chats about the differences between not only training methods back in the day, but the integration with the older lads, scrubbing boots, clearing up, getting stuck in where you could and that desire to prove yourself to those above you;
  • Premier Passions; What was it like at the time having the cameras in around Roker Park during that relegation season?
  • Being championed by Pop to get his chance at the first team, and endlessly working toward his goal to play professional first team football no matter what;
  • His relationship with the Lads, that famous team spirit, getting looked after with the rest of the young lads down Seaburn and finally breaking through;
  • His favourite moments at Roker and the SOL, making that transition after the Wembley disappointment to a new stadium, the incredible atmospheres at legendary matches, his unfortunate luck with his back injury and having to watch at times from the sidelines;
  • His favourite players, playing behind the laziest midfielder in the world, the love he had for the game and the fans;
  • His sudden and unexpected move to Wimbledon and how that came about; Did he want to leave or was he pushed, and struggling to deal with a situation he didn’t want or expect to be in;
  • His partnership with Alun Armstrong over Darlo and before that at Blyth, his love of coaching and earning his stripes in the lower tiers; as well as his thoughts on the struggles of the teams below the money in the FA pyramid...

All this and so much more! Another great interview with a lovely lad that in our opinion should never have left. Sacko may agree...

Listen in!

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