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Fan Letters: ‘Stewart Donald is one of the better owners Sunderland have had!’

Roker Report reader Rob Brown has nothing but wholehearted praise for the efforts of Stewart Donald throughout his ownership of the club. Got something to say? Email us:!

Sunderland v Wycombe Wanderers - Sky Bet League One Photo by Ian Horrocks/Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

I for one would just like to say thanks to Stewart Donald for everything he has done for our club.

We were in a mess when he took over and gradually he is trying to get us out of the s**t we were in.

Like many other supporters I feel f**ked off with League One, but we only have ourselves to blame for this.

When you look at previous owners we have had, he has to be one of the better ones.

Onwards and Upwards if we don’t go up this year then next year must be paramount.

Be very careful fellow SAFC fans what you wish for in the future another Ellis Short or even worse a t**t like Mike Ashley.

Stick with what we have: Mr Stewart Donald.

We haven’t got a queue of people trying to buy us have we!

Everybody stay safe and that includes you Mr Stewart Donald and Family.



Rob Brown

Editor’s Note [Alex]: If there is one impression everyone got from Sunderland Til I Die, it was that Stewart Donald ran through a thorn bush backwards to try and ensure Jack Ross and his Sunderland side had everything they needed for success. The flip side of that - unfortunately - was that the senior management made quite a few blunders, some comical and some just tragic, along the way.

I think Donald put a lot of very noble, very effective measurements in place to drag the club out of the mire Martin Bain had left it in - Charlie Methven spoke at length on the doc of how the club was haemorrhaging money due to its incredibly abject financial policies and, as a result, it was seemingly a task of ‘turning an oil tanker’. Donald acted immediately to re-engage the fans with the club - a prominent criticism of the old regime - and we were immensely grateful for this. Transfers also appeared initially sensible and our approach to business all felt like a breath of a fresh air. Obviously the goings got tough, and clearly a lot of mistakes were made in the Maja and Grigg transfer sagas, but there are an awful lot of positives overall which our fans will take from Donald’s ownership.

You’re right when you say we should be careful what we wish for. Donald hasn’t done everything perfectly, but there are some right tyrants out there...

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