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The Sunderland self-isolation squad

If you had to end up in isolation with five players from Sunderland’s past or present, who would you take in with you, and why?

Sunderland Train with the Club’s U9 Team Photo by Ian Horrocks/Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

As the Coronavirus pandemic rattles on, self-isolation and social distancing are looking like the way forward for the time being. This got me thinking.... which Sunderland players would I most like to self-isolate with? Here are my five picks.

Lee Camp

The perfect person to self-isolate with - he couldn’t catch a cold.

Jordan Henderson

He’s a bit like Nanny McPhee isn’t he? You don’t really think about him until he’s gone, and that’s when you miss him most. Without his presence, suddenly, you can’t cope. No one knows what to do, everyone seems to struggle and start to panic without him there.

When he is there, he’s a calm and collected figure who keeps everyone together, whether they know it or not.

Emmerson Thome

Thome is perfect as nothing could get past him... not even the Coronavirus.

Brian Clough

You need a bit of a realist in there don’t you? Someone who isn’t going to beat around the bush and will tell you straight if your continuous whining is worthwhile or downright annoying. He’d be the bloke telling you if Boris Johnson’s measures to avoid going outside are worth following or not - and you’d bloody listen to him.

Ian Porterfield

Porterfield is someone you need when the odds are stacked against you. When things are looking tough, he’d find a solution to whatever issue and be a massive help to the self-isolation squad.

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