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Roker Rapport Podcast: With Ger Fowler from Veterans in Crisis Sunderland!

Joining us to talk about growing up as a Sunderland fan, his armed forces career, his fantastic ‘Veterans in Crisis Sunderland’ community interest group and how they’re coping during the Coronavirus pandemic is Ger Fowler.

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Sean Brown

What are we talking about?

  • Ger tells us all about what they do at ‘Veterans in Crisis’ and how they’re helping ex-servicemen on Wearside to get their lives back on track;
  • The most vulnerable in society suffer most during moments of crisis, so how can we help?
  • Ger tells us about his days growing up at Roker Park;
  • Ger talks about his military career and what inspired him to sign up;
  • We talk about the ‘Veterans in Crisis’ podcast, including notable guests Kevin Ball, Grant Leadbitter and Tom Sloanes;

And so much more. Listen in!

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Cheers lads and lasses!

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