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Sunderland Community Soup Kitchen launch urgent appeal for non-perishable food items

Sunderland Community Soup Kitchen need your urgent help, with their stocks of non-perishable food items running low at this difficult time. Can you help them out?

Sunderland Community Soup Kitchen

Sunderland Community Soup Kitchen have, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, seen their stocks of non-perishable food items run low, and are appealing for the urgent help of the Sunderland community to ensure that the most vulnerable in our society don’t go hungry at this most trying and testing time for all of us, across the world.

Andrea Bell, who runs the kitchen, has urged the people of Wearside to come forward and assist, to ensure she and her team of volunteers can feed people who are struggling:

Due to the panic of Coronavirus we must appeal for non-perishable food donations.

Our shelves are running low and this is an appeal for your support.

Our lot struggle every day, and if the schools are closed we’re worried about the amount of kids in the area who won’t get fed. This is having a massive impact on donations.

Can we appeal to you for help, to stock back up our shelves in preparation for the coming weeks? We appeal for help to enable us to ensure that food supplies for people struggling every day do not run out.

An extra item or two in your shopping - will you help?

As we did last Christmas, we will open our doors at our food warehouse on Addison Street (SR2 8BL) from 5pm to 6pm from Wednesday 18th March to Saturday 21st March for donations. You can also drop At Emmanuel Church, Sunderland (SR1 2LJ) From 2pm to 7pm any day of the week.

If anyone would like to send an online food delivery, please send to Emmanuel church.

We think it’s time to get prepared!


Coffee - tea - sugar - flour - tinned veggies - Fray Bentos pies - tinned ham - tuna - pasta - rice - curry sauces - pasta sauces - tinned fruit - macaroni cheese - hotdogs - ketchup - brown sauce - beans - tinned spaghetti - ravioli - tinned burgers - pots noodles - soup - tinned puddings - tins of custard - tinned rice pudding - jam - long life, part baked bread - dilute drinks - washing up liquid - toilet rolls - soap powder - potatoes - carrots - broccoli - tinned peas - tinned carrots - tinned green beans - tinned sweetcorn - any fruits (apples, banana, pear, oranges).

Anything you can think of that can keep for a few months without a fridge or freezer.

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