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Roker Rapport Exiles Preview Podcast: Fleetwood reaction and Coventry v Sunderland w/ NTT20Pod!

The lads chat all things SAFC as usual, as well as being joined by NTT20Pod’s Ali Maxwell to talk our trip to Coventry/Birmingham! You can listen for FREE on AcastiTunesSpotify, & YouTube - get stuck in!

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After an eventful week in the Exiles group attempting to overcome some technical difficulties (and dealing with our Niall and John bitching about each other) Brett grabbed Chris, Niall and John to talk about:

  • The Fleetwood draw and how everyone felt about the performance;
  • Team selection and looking ahead to Coventry on Sunday;
  • Detailed Pub crawl announcements from the Sons of Liberty branch in the US;
  • Our Michael Dunne from the Irish branch chats with Ali Maxwell from the NTT20Pod to preview the Coventry match and the state of the league (from 26:21 in for those in a hurry)

Then from about an hour in we get to enjoy a 20 minute long, strangely passionate row between the Bromley/Stacey gruesome twosome regarding Jon McLaughlin and whether he... deserves his place? (I left it in because these two crack me up, so enjoy that)

Parental guidance advised

Sorry about the delay lads and lasses but Editorial is under quarantine... Waheeey! Haway the lads! Here’s to the end of days!

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