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Fan Letters: Reader is concerned by perceived lack of activity re: Sunderland sale by Donald

RR reader Mark wants Sunderland owner Stewart Donald to hurry up and sell the club so we can all just move on - should we let him crack on and focus on promotion, or is more pressure needed? Let us know.!

New Sunderland Owner Stewart Donald Press Conference Photo by Sunderland AFC/Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

According to the press, Stewart Donald is hoping there is a price auction for Sunderland, but it is has been reported there is not many interested parties at £40 million.

Donald got Sunderland for a steal and always said he had the club’s best interests at heart - total rubbish. The false promises of money did not materialize in the January window just gone. The club is now in a good place on the pitch - do not out stay your welcome, Mr Donald, for the sake of profit. I have not got a clue who is running the club.

The academy and U23s are a shambles - the club needs clarity and financial stability, and fast, so we can get the club in a position to challenge in the future whatever division we are in next season.

Please, Stewart, do not put the club into the uncertainty we have had for years.

The fans have fantastically backed the club home and away and deserve better. All we have had is silence - Methven bolted as soon as criticism came his way, and Juan’s never been heard of for months. At the start when they took over we had promises of Uruguayan youngsters coming to the club that never happened; false takeovers all over the news about new American owners with loads of cash to invest... all false dreams created by our attention-seeking owners.

Let’s get new owners in, get the academy sorted, and get the scouting and recruitment sorted - that’s all the loyal fans want.

Please, the message is coming to you, the current owners - get it sorted.

Mark Wild

Ed’s Note [Gav]: Whilst I agree that change is needed for the club to truly grow and progress, under the ownership of people prepared to invest into our structure, Stewart Donald made a promise that the club would be sold soon. For now, I think we ought to shelve those concerns in order to support the team fully and will them on to promotion.

Donald hasn’t set any deadlines, but for me he has until the end of the season to sell up. Let’s just let him get on with it, and hopefully he’ll deliver on his promise to sell.

Sunderland v Wycombe Wanderers - Sky Bet League One Photo by Ian Horrocks/Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

So far I haven’t seen a mention on your page of the recent announcement of the great Dave Watson’s illness. Did I miss it?

Kevin Taylor

Ed’s Note [Gav]: We shared some posts on social media and offered our best wishes to Dave, who is undoubtedly going through a tough time. All of Sunderland is behind him!

Soccer - FA Cup Final - Sunderland v Leeds United Photo by Peter Robinson/EMPICS via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

As you no by now I love the podcast and listen to every episode. I also read all your content. last night I was incredibly disappointed to see that one of your team was tweeting that sunderland ladieswould lose tonight and I think he should be made to delete it. regarless of who he works for now it doesnt look good that someone who works for you also priorities a team over sunderland and I hope this tweet is deleted.

Charles Mason

Ed’s Note [Gav]: Well, we won 6-1 sooooooo... Happy dayz.

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