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Fan Letters: Reader asks whether Sunderland’s new signings should be in the starting eleven

In today’s Fan Letters we discuss Sunderland’s reinforcements and their place in the squad as well as the recent Roker Rapport International Fan Special! Got something to say?!

Dear Roker Report,

Can anyone tell me why we even bothered to sign all those players in January when we had no intention of playing any of them (bar Bailey Wright, who is out for the season)?

I know we are picking up some decent results but we’re still missing something I think. Particularly up front where we have signed two lads, Semenyo and Lafferty, yet Parky persists with the useless Wyke, who apparently has many uses but nobody can put their finger on exactly what he offers this team beyond being a lanky slow lump who can’t head or trap a ball. I don’t mean to be mean about Charlie but he’s not good enough for league one yet he’s our main striker and that’s slightly worrying.

Scowen has barely had a sniff and Declan John hasn’t even been on the bench. What was the point? Are they not better than what we have?

What do you think?

Glenn Crumbie

Ed’s Note [Tom]: Hi Glenn, I’m willing to trust Phil Parkinson on this one. Parky showed at the weekend that he’s willing to mix things up when he needs to - I think he’s doing the right thing at present.

Wyke’s lack of goals is, of course, a concern for the side. But are his presence and movement not part of the system that is allowing Gooch and Maguire to flourish? It’s difficult to say. Ultimately, though, Parkinson has this side firing, so I’ll stand by his judgement.

Dear Roker Report,

Just wanted to say a big well done for another great podcast. everyone sounded well and I’m pleased that no one is getting to carried away just yet. all of the comments about supporting Parkinson whether your in or out just shows how much you only want what’s best for the club. unlike other podcasts. I also just wanted to say I was blown away by the 2 stories about luke onein. the first where he met all the international fans but mainly what a lovely story about helping the boy who had been bullied its a shame that this hasnt been mentioned before. keep up the excellent work.

Charles Mason

Ed’s Note [Tom]: Thanks for the positive feedback, Charles! It means a lot to the entire team to know that people appreciate their efforts. Personally, I love the variety of Sunderland-related fan media - each and every outlet adds to the rich debate. Re: Luke O’Nien, I think the lad is an absolute asset to the club both on and off the pitch - it’s refreshing to be able to cheer players like him on.

NOTE: Fan Letters is a recurring feature that allows Sunderland fans to voice their thoughts and feelings. The opinions of our readers do not necessarily reflect those of Roker Report and our team of writers.

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