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Roker Rapport Special: The SAFC BLC International Fans Day Party w/ Bobby Kerr & Micky Horswill!

The Roker Rapport Podcast crew had the pleasure of attending Friday’s event at The Fans Museum arranged by the BLC along with hundreds of Sunderland fans from around the world and some special guests, such as FA Cup winning duo Bobby Kerr and Micky Horswill - as well as the indomitable George Forster!

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What’s Occuring?

First we speak to organisers of the event - Joanne Youngson, Cath Reid and John Ellington - and discuss how all this came to be;

Then (times included for ease):

17:07 - We chat to Stephen Coates who travelled all the way from Taiwan;

26:20 - Jonny and Niall find out what drew Martin Bergström from Sweden;

30:05 - Ant and Sam chat with the Bulgarian Black Cats;

35:30 - Gav and Craig speak to Martin Bates from Canada;

47:00 - Sunderland Legends Bobby Kerr and Micky Horswill share their thoughts on the nature of the Sunderland fan base;

1:06:00 - Tom and Jonny chat with The Irish Branch;

1:13:20 - We speak with Colin and The Maltese Branch;

1:27:10 - Erik and Nancy from Groningen in Holland join Chris and Jonny, and a few of the lads join to share their thoughts on the event;

1:39:40 - Finally we finish the evening with Sunderland Superfan - The wonderful George Forster! Who chats about his 93 years following the lads, his thoughts on the event and leaves us all with the greatest outro we’ve ever had!

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did! Thanks to everyone involved and everyone who spoke to us on the night! HAWAY THE LADS!

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