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Fan Letters: ‘Let’s just hope Dreyfus is given the chance to turn things around’

Bill hopes our new owner is given the chance to implement real change, while Duncan Watmore’s performances for Boro and the reality of finishing this season also feature. What do you think? Email us!

Olympique de Marseille v Olympique Lyonnais - Ligue 1 Photo by Dave Winter/Icon Sport via Getty Images

Ed’s note [Martin]: First things first – thank you to all of our readers for the emails you’ve sent in this year. They’re invaluable to us and we all really appreciate the time you take to share your thoughts with us.

We all hope 2021 is a far better year for everyone, so happy new year and all the very best.

Now, onto today’s mailbag!

Dear Roker Report,

Re: David Holloway’s piece on 29th December on ‘What will the new owners ambition be?

Well, let’s hope he’s given a chance for one thing.

At least he won’t need to do much of a stadium revamp.

Hopefully he’ll not have to constantly explain his motives for doing this and that. ‘Why are we not top of an average league with, by the way, average players?’

He’s not a miracle worker, nor can he sign overrated mercenaries because rules are rules - not his doing. Oh, and will this purchase not to be too transparent as to add to confusion?

The end will come at some point, so enjoy the ride, monsieur.

Dreyfus... at least there’s no Inspector Clouseau on the books... or is there?

Bill Airey

Ed’s Note [Martin]: Thanks for the email Bill, and yes – let’s hope he is given the chance to make a real impression on the club. I think a healthy dose of transparency is good for all concerned, however I hope everyone lets the new owners get on with things and we all concentrate on the bigger picture – of establishing a fruitful, long-term strategy that enables us to eventually get back to the top flight. I’m looking forward to hearing more about the plans that are in place, once the EFL ratify the deal.

Olympique de Marseille v Paris Saint-Germain - Ligue 1
Bill hopes our new owner is given the space to do his job properly!
Photo by Jean Catuffe/Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

Do you think that this current season will actually finish?

Jack Borderness

Ed’s Note [Martin]: Thanks for the email Jack. I do think it will finish, but it could take longer than originally envisaged. After last season’s shenanigans, I doubt the EFL will be inclined to end the season and go to a PPG finale. I’d not be surprised to see a couple of weeks’ circuit breaker, and I’m hopeful that this – plus the vaccine – will put us in a far better place over the coming months. Fingers crossed, eh?

Sunderland v AFC Wimbledon - Sky Bet League One Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

Have to admit that it’s hard watching Watmore do well at the Boro. I feel no ill will towards the lad, but it’s just a shame he couldn’t get up and running here. Top fella from a top family and I don’t want to be disrespectful but it’s hard watching from afar...

David Marshall

Ed’s Note [Martin]: I’m delighted for Duncan, who had some horrendous injuries and was very harshly judged over the past few seasons. I think he needed a change of scenery, and given he was one of the few ‘Premier League’ contracts we still had on the books, he was never going to stay with us. Warnock’s an ideal manager for him, and I’d only wish him the best. At least he’s not turning it on for Newcastle. Now that would have been hard to take!

Sheffield Wednesday v Middlesbrough - Sky Bet Championship
Duncan Watmore’s earning plaudits at Boro
Photo by George Wood/Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

Have to say, credit to you lot for keeping the top notch content coming when there’s been nothing much to talk about due to the covid break for SAFC. Well done RR. You are a true SAFC institution!!!

John Ellison

Ed’s Note [Martin]: Thanks a lot John, it means so much to read emails like this. There’s a lot of hard work goes into the website content and the podcasts from a whole host of people, and we’re all just fans who’re doing it out of love for SAFC! Glad you appreciate it. Cheers.

Sheffield United v Sunderland AFC - Carabao Cup Third Round
Haway the lads!
Photo by George Wood/Getty Images

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