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Fan Letters: ‘Why haven’t the EFL suspended the season?’ asks Sunderland fan Brian

From COVID suspensions and our best-ever talents to a return to the SOL for Hendo, there is a range of topics in today’s mailbag. Got something to say? Email us:!

Sunderland v AFC Wimbledon - Sky Bet League One Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

By my count now we have five clubs who have had to suspend games because of COVID outbreaks. Can anyone tell me why on earth the EFL have not suspended the season?!

Health over wealth... health over wealth.

Brian Dawson

Ed’s Note [Martin]: I suspect there are a few reasons – money being one. They’ll likely be waiting to see if this is a peak and it’ll level out among clubs, because they made such a cock-up of the end of last season they know they’ll be opening a can of worms if the season is suspended.

Personally, I think they should announce a three-week break for clubs to get things sorted, however, that’s the logical thing to do. And, given the EFL doesn’t even have protocols in place as to when a match can be called off if there are COVID cases, they don’t seem to deal in logic too often.

Sunderland v AFC Wimbledon - Sky Bet League One
With COVID rampaging through League One, why hasn’t the season been suspended?
Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

I noticed on Twitter the videos of Sessegnon’s goals and it really stirred me up. Noticed Gav felt the same and was tweeting about how Sessy was the most talented player he’s seen. Got me thinking... what is your pick for most talented ex-SAFC player (assuming Gav is not answering this... in which case disregard my email).

Ken Chappell

Ed’s Note [Martin]: Good question Ken. I go back a little further than Gav, so I’d always go for Kieron Brady as the most naturally talented player I’ve seen play for us. I remember watching that West Ham game just stunned at the level of skill he had. Me and my dad used to get into the Fulwell End early if we thought he was in the squad so we could watch him warm-up – I remember him keeping the ball up, booting in the air, dropping to the ground and doing press-ups or sit-ups, jumping up and catching the ball on the back of his neck. I enjoyed watching Sessengnon play, but I was always waiting for more to come from him – great player though.

Dear Roker Report,

Can we just have a word for Jordan Henderson... runner up in this year’s SPOTY for his fine season as captain of Liverpool? This boy was made on Wearside. Wouldn’t it be great if one day he returned? I certainly never saw him having the career he’s had but fair play. He’s a model for hard work and commitment.

Arthur Stephenson (STID)

Ed’s Note [Martin]: Wouldn’t it just! Who knows, maybe in a year or two if we get promoted he’d fancy a swansong leading us back to the Premier League. We can only dream, can’t we?!

Like you, Arthur, I didn’t think he’d scale the heights he has – and he must thank his lucky stars he didn’t accept the deal to go to Fulham when Liverpool tried to flog him in part-exchange for Clint Dempsey after a couple of seasons at Anfield. I always think he’s the best example of where hard work and a great attitude can take you – he’s an inspiration to every kid from the North East and beyond. Every success Henderson has is a testament to the work Kevin Ball put into him, and a constant reminder that – in my opinion at least – Bally should still be heavily involved in the academy.

Crystal Palace v Liverpool - Premier League
You’ve done all you can at Liverpool Jordan, come home!
Photo by Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

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