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Fan Letters: Parky out, Donald out... crap players, crap recruitment... Post-Mansfield sadness!

Today’s RR mailbag is a tasty one - after a shocking loss on Saturday, everyone is baying for blood and want to see change in the manager’s office... and, of course, a change of ownership. Got something to say?!

Sunderland v Wycombe Wanderers - Sky Bet League One Photo by Ian Horrocks/Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

Having just watched the clueless shower of the utter garbage that is currently masquerading as Sunderland football club get knocked out of the FA cup at the first hurdle, I felt the need to once again put my frustrations into words. The only reason that PP can be clinging on to his job is down to the false league position. The poor excuse for football on offer this season is abysmal to say the least, the idiots masquerading as footballers struggle to even pass the ball to someone in the same clothing.

We have supposed football players in the squad who I personally would NEVER want to see dishonour our strip ever again - Dobson and O’Brien to name two. They’re really are not up to the task, but of course you could add Grigg, Power and too many more to the list.

I would love to know what is going on at the Acadamy of Light - training must consist of a lot of time spent in the gaffer's office, sucking up to the boss. The standard of football is actually getting worse as each game fades into insignificance. If Donald doesn’t act soon, I can see this season ending worse than the last two.

We need to bring in someone who can at least make lemonade with the lemons that have been assembled to embarrass our once great club. After over 50 years of being a supporter, I cannot think of a lower period in our club in my lifetime.

PP is most likely the one person who is happy at the circumstances of the pandemic, because if the fans were in the stadium, he would be getting that much flack from the stands - he would be feeling a lot more pressure than he is currently under.

I won’t be renewing my season ticket if Mr Boring is still at the club at the end of this season.

John Kennedy

Sunderland v Mansfield Town: Emirates FA Cup First Round Photo by Mark Fletcher/MI News/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

Hi - hope everyone is well.

We are in lockdown again and I think Sunderland were today a shambles.

A league two side that had not won a game this season beat us convincingly - the players should apologise to the fans. There are no excuses for performances like that, and if there had been a crowd the boos would have been heard at Seaburn.

This team and manager are not good enough to go up, it has been obvious for weeks.

Fans at least deserve effort and desire when players pull the red and white shirt on.

The shower of shit we watched in today’s performance is unacceptable - it’s all down to attitude, and again it looks like they have downed tools on our current manager.

The tactics are so predictable by Parkinson - negative against a side that had not won a game this season. We were too deep, always looking for a backward pass or a sideways one; no creativity whatsoever - embarrassing.

In the transfer window we did not add pace to the team, and our second mistake was that we did not use the loan system well enough to bring in players to add creativity and goals to the squad.

It’s bad, bad management - if I could see it why on earth can Parkinson not?

I am afraid he is not the man to take Sunderland forward, he offers nothing. His tactics are dreadful - the modern game has moved on and he has not.

Go now before our season is ruined because if fans had been watching this sh*t they would have been protesting for him to go, without a doubt.

I honestly can’t see where Parkinson goes from here - he has lost the fans with the football we are watching and his attitude for not playing McGeady, and saying he will play youth instead, is baffling.

Jackett at Portsmouth has them on fire after a shite start - Parkinson’s style is one-dimensional - he will not turn us around.

He is simply not good enough and that’s a fact.

He has to go.

Mark Wild

Sunderland v Portsmouth - Sky Bet League One Photo by Ian Horrocks/Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

How long will it be before this once great club is finally ruined?

We have just been knocked out of the FA Cup by a team that hasn’t won a league game all season, and who sit in the bottom three of the third tier of English football. I am not being disrespectful to Mansfield - the honest truth is that they really didn’t have to work too hard for the win. Their keeper was rarely tested.

Some supporters will console themselves with the fact that at best we’d more than likely be knocked out in the third round, and that there is no real revenue to be made from the FA Cup, and that of course it’s the league that matters.

I’ve said all season that the wins are papering over the cracks - we are not good enough to be top two... that fight is between Hull, Peterborough, Pompey & Charlton.

Play-Offs for us at best - even that will be a struggle.

Parkinson is continually making poor decisions with his team selections.

Why play Dobson & Power together? Why play either of them at all? Neither can pass the ball, and when they do it’s highly unlikely that it will be forward.

Our recruitment is a joke. Please explain to me the benefit of Danny Graham? Why on earth have we kept Will Grigg? What has Aiden O’Brien brought to the club?

The club is an absolute shambles.

We let a talent like Bali Mumba leave, but bring in a George Dobson.

Mr Donald... just go, your legacy is to create the worst Sunderland side in history. You’ve stripped the club and are slowly murdering the academy, setting us back years. Your tenure has set us back at least five years - quite possibly more - and as for our current manager...

I said at the time that Parkinson was a poor, unimaginative appointment, and over a year later it’s still a poor unimaginative appointment.

Paul Wood

Sunderland v Portsmouth - Sky Bet League 1 Photo by Robert Smith/MI News/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

Mr. Phil Parkinson - with respect, take a good look in the mirror.

Your management of Sunderland AFC is truly poor at best.

Tactics, player selection and fitness levels are sub-standard, with motivational skills dire.

Although these are my views, I believe these are also the majority of the many.

BCF (Sunderland Supporter of 55 years)

Dear Roker Report,

Hello to all - hope you are all keeping well.

Congratulations to our totally clueless so-called football manager in achieving another record to go with all his others at SAFC. Never have SAFC been knocked out of the FA Cup first round two seasons running.

Well done now - pack your bags, and get as far away from us as possible. You are an embarrassment to football management. Take all of your useless baggage with you.

Your shower of c**p are totally unworthy to be involved in football at all. I’m absoluteley sick of this shower of c**p - they have now got to a position of total non acceptance.

William & Jarvis

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