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Roker Report’s Brainbusters: Can you get full marks in our weekly quiz?

Think you know your Sunderland trivia? Try our weekly quiz and let us know how you get on!

Paul Bracewell

Answers are at the bottom... good luck and let us know how you fare!

Question 1...

1. Which player scored the winning goal against Chelsea in the 5th round of the League Cup to set up a semi-final against Manchester United as Sunderland reached the final in 2013-14?

Question 2...

2. Who was Sunderland’s record sale before Marco Gabbiadini left the club in 1991?

A. Paul Bracewell

B. Dennis Tueart

C. Barry Venison

Question 3...

3. From which club did Paul Bracewell join Sunderland from when he signed for the first time in 1983?

Dariusz Kubicki
Photo by Matthew Ashton/EMPICS via Getty Images

Question 4...

4. True or False: Dariusz Kubicki broke the record for most consecutive appearances for Sunderland in January 1996.

Question 5...

5. Which of the Sunderland players below was the first to be sent off at the Stadium of Light?

A. Kevin Kilbane

B. Alex Rae

C. Darren Williams

Question 6...

6. Which player scored for Sunderland in extra-time in the 1997-98 play-off final at Wembley against Charlton Athletic?

Darren Williams
Darren Williams
Getty Images

Question 7...

7. Which manager did Peter Reid replace as Sunderland manager?

Question 8...

8. Which striker did Alan Durban sign from Arsenal for £100,000, just before he was sacked as Sunderland manager during 1983-84, that went on to win a League title with Leeds United?

Question 9...

9. Who was the last player to make their debut for the England national side whilst on the books at Sunderland?

Finally... Question 10...

10. Which manager was the first to suffer defeat against Newcastle United at the Stadium of Light?

Alex Rae
Alex Rae


1. Sung-Yeung Ki

2. B. Dennis Tueart

3. Stoke City

4. False - it was Charlie Thomson with 147 appearances.

5. A. Kevin Kilbane

6. Nicky Summerbee

7. Mick Buxton

8. Lee Chapman

9. Frazier Campbell

10. Peter Reid - Sunderland 0 - 1 Newcastle United, 24th February 2002

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