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Roker Rapport Xtra Podcast: Fleetwood owner Andy Pilley joins us to preview FTFC v Sunderland!

Chris was joined for a chat ahead of Friday nights match with Joey Barton’s Fleetwood Town in the League by FTFC Owner and Chairman - Mr Andrew Pilley. You can listen FREE on AcastiTunesSpotify, & YouTube - get stuck in!

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What are we talking about?

  • Andy tells us the story of the rise of Fleetwood Town under his ownership of the last (almost) 17 years; from the North West Counties League to fighting for promotion to the Championship...
  • The EFL and the state of Football since Covid-19 and Lockdown; How dire is the situation exactly, has it improved recently or are things getting worse financially for the clubs outside the top flight of the football pyramid?
  • Are the governing bodies and the government doing enough to ensure the survival of clubs? (Bit of a trick question admittedly)
  • Joey Barton; So what drew Andy and Joey together? What is it about Barton that attracted the attention of Fleetwood Town?
  • Investment in Youth; The Fleetwood Town International Football Academy is a huge complex with some serious ambition behind it, what is the plan going forward with such a setup and how beneficial is it not just to Fleetwood but to football in general?
  • Looking ahead to tomorrow’s match against the Lads; How does Andy feel going into the game.. Any Predictions?
  • Football without fans; How does it feel, not just financially, from a club owners perspective watching the matches the way we have to at the moment?

All this and loads more! A great chat with Andy and some more insight into the current situation for all EFL clubs... and of course why you should always hold out for a little more if you happen to have a Jamie Vardy on the books...

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