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Fan Letters: “Parkinson looks despondent - he must be replaced” pleads Sunderland fan

In today’s fan letters, anger at the state of Sunderland under Phil Parkinson is palpable as more fans write in to bemoan the state of the club as we reach yet another lowest ebb. What do you think?!

Sunderland v MK Dons - Sky Bet League 1 Photo by Trevor Wilkinson/MI News/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

Every fan screaming for the managers head, also screams how bad the players are, and with zero finance, how is PP meant to get proper quality in?

Charlton did it by grabbing Lyle Taylor a couple of years ago, but the instances of team’s going up without finance are few and far between. He has made us the best defensive unit in the league and has inherited some rank average players accompanied with some frees that also have not raised the quality. Losing the likes of Maja, Cattermole, Oviedo, McLaughlin, McGeady and dare I say it, Honeyman, not one of these players have been replaced with an equal or better player. Yet we as fans still scream for a top of the table team playing Barcelona style football.

The squad on paper realistically with that forward line is play offs at best, should we accept mediocrity, in the words of Rocky Balboa, “I say absolutely no!”

The manager is highly unlikely to change until the takeover is complete, if they decide to go down that route. SD, CM and JS are already part of the club and PP’s difficulties lie partly at their door.

PP is dour, but I do not think that squad is equipped to be expansive. I haven’t seen the young players enough to know how good they might be, but Embleton is one who cannot be worse than Dobson. Jack Diamond playing right wing back instead of O’Nien? Move O’Nien into midfield, then that probably closes a door on both Neill and Embleton. Kimpioka has to be looked at once fit, we have nothing stretching teams up top and this is reminiscent of the James Vaughan days. Too easy to play against.

If Kimpioka (he hasn’t impressed me in his outings thus far) isn’t looked at, then he’s basically got no one to blame but himself if he gets binned. Who next though? That is the issue. Unless investment comes in the new man will have the same players to get a tune out of and two men have now proved without a goalscorer, we are very limited.

Haway the lads, let’s see what happens in the coming weeks!

Dean Hardy

Ed’s Note [Rich]: There is plenty of blame to go around at Sunderland right now - owners, directors, managers and players all need to take responsibility for their part in our abject failure to get promotion over the last two seasons and for our faltering start to this campaign. Recruitment over the summer was uninspiring and the need for a fast, energetic striker wasn’t addressed during a window when thousands of footballers were available as free agents.

Yes, we’ve had a string of injuries, but the brand of football we play and the players we use (or don’t use) to play it, however, is all down to one man - Phil Parkinson. It’s time for those who appointed him to take responsibility for their decision before it’s too late, and we’re cut adrift from the top two.

Sunderland v Leicester City U21: Cup
Benjamin Kimpioka’s injury has removed one forward option for Parkinson’s Sunderland side
Photo by Ian Horrocks/Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

The team has in no way improved under him - he must be replaced as soon as possible before the gap between us and promotion spot is too great.

I cannot understand his tactics with regard to substitutions.

He looks despondent before we kick off, this must affect the team. On paper we have had some big name managers who have not given us results during their tenure - we have had some rubbish managers too, starting with David Moyes, who I believe started the rot.

Who can we turn to next? Hoping things pick up because we do not deserve to be in the league with the fan base and facilities we have.

Roll on better times.

Jack Golfer

Ed’s Note [Rich]: Parkinson’s performance in the job has simply not been good enough, that’s for sure. The choice of the next permanent manager or first team coach for Sunderland AFC surely needs to be left to the new Sporting Director, if the reports in L’Equipe on the details of the proposed takeover are to be believed. I’m not sure that fans lobbying for this club legend or that manager who once did well in League 2 is particularly helpful to be honest.

But simply we can’t afford to wait ‘til the takeover is done to do something proactive - a caretaker promoted from within the club would, for me, provide a good stop-gap and allow the takeover, plans and new manager to be announced at the same time without the distraction of a post-mortem on Parky’s tenure shifting out focus.

Dear Roker Report,

Mr Parkinson and current owners should all go. As a supporter in excess of sixty years, we have the worst manager, worst team and worst owners in the history of our club.

Unfortunately, Mr Parkinson currently has one of the safest managerial jobs in football. Why would the board sack Mr Parkinson then have to pay -up his contract, a sum of around £1m.

The owners will wait until the club is sold and the new owners will sack Mr Parkinson and have to pick-up the bill. It is a shocking and degrading state of affairs , though no surprise when our club has signed poor quality players, for example a goalkeeper released by Bolton and, recently, a midfield player in McFadzean who did not get a new contract at Plymouth Argyle. Such signings do not prosper hope merely more despair.

As for the owner, supporters should have smelled a rat when he was photographed ingratiating himself with fans at matches such as Doncaster away. A case of the tree giving support to the axe because the tree saw it’s handle was made of wood and was duped into thinking the axe was one of them.

Les Scott

Ed’s Note [Rich]: Like I said in a response to some other correspondents recently - the fact that those who’ve been supporting us for decade after decade see that this is the worst manager and worst ownership we’ve ever had should be enough to make us all stand up and demand immediate and radical change at the club.

Scrambling around for a left back when the season had already started, when it was obvious to anyone with a squad list in front of them this summer that we were lacking in that area, betrays the fact that player recruitment has been the single biggest failing of the Donald era, and is why neither Ross nor Parkinson has been a success.

Doncaster Rovers v Sunderland - Sky Bet League One Photo by Ian Horrocks/Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

This is the worst squad in the club’s history, so you’d think we’d be saying it’s not really the managers fault most weeks.

Boy does this bloke just not help himself though, we’ve seen most gaffas at Sunderland end up in a shell and go full negative but I think this one arrived in a shell and has never so much as stuck his toe out of his shell.

I have never seen so many people in agreement that one of our managers should be sacked yet he remains, I guess that’s just Donald and his mates taking the p**s out the fans on even more than they already previously had. Is Donald a Geordie secret agent?

Kris Day

Ed’s Note [Rich]: Phil Parkinson’s public pronouncements after the last couple of games have either been an exercise in gaslighting or a symptom of delusion. We are playing an awful brand of football, and playing it so badly that surely even a Geordie stooge would be ashamed to put their name to it.

I really do hope that we can have a clean break with the past soon, and if and when this Louis-Dreyfus/Sartori takeover finally comes off we can bring in a whole new footballing structure with a philosophy that promotes exciting, attacking football and has genuine ambition to get us to the back to the top flight.

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