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Roker Roundup: Sunderland FPP investor Robert Platek discusses purchase of Danish club

One of the men behind FPP Sunderland, Robert Platek, has discussed his purchase of a Danish club; Peter Crouch has explained why he never signed for SAFC; and Alex Rae has been chatting about his time on Wearside.

Roker Roundup 23-24
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Sunderland investor on decision to purchase Danish club

Robert Platek was part of the investment into Sunderland by FFP but rather than following up with a purchase of the club, Platek bought Danish Superliga outfit SønderjyskE in September.

Speaking for the first time since becoming the club’s new owner, in an exclusive interview with JydskeVestkysten, Platek explained why he decided to buy SønderjyskE.

Platek explained that he looked at many clubs but the competitiveness of the league (the club are currently 2nd in the league) and above all, the people at the club were what made his mind up to buy SønderjyskE:

We have looked at many different clubs in many different leagues. I felt that Denmark was one of the more competitive leagues. It all started with Claus [Guldager, chairman of Sønderjysk] And Klaus [Rasmussen, director]. When you hang up after talking to them, you feel like you have talked to honest people. They have a love for the club, it’s not just about winning. It was not just about money. I felt it was just right.

I am aware that the location is not Copenhagen, Madrid or Barcelona, ​​but I like the underdog approach. That’s how I grew up. I would like to be able to tell something more complicated, but it was 90 percent the people and ten percent the league. Everyone I have talked to have been good people.

Robert Platek

Crouch explains not playing for Sunderland

Sunderland had hoped to make Peter Crouch one of Steve Bruce’s first signings as manager, after the took over in 2009.

The England international had toured the Academy of Light and spoken to Bruce but instead opted for a move to Tottenham Hotspur.

In a question and answer session with the Daily Mail, Crouch replied to Sunderland fan Davey Camsey and explained that he staying in London with a manager - Harry Redknapp - that he had worked with before was the best decision:

I can assure you, Davey, it had nothing to do with the city, club or manager.

In 2009, I had flown up from Portsmouth to see Steve Bruce, I got a tour of the training ground — which is absolutely fantastic — and had agreed terms. I’d have loved to play for Steve.

But on my way home I got a call from Harry Redknapp, who wanted me at Tottenham. I was living in London at the time and I’d worked with Harry at Portsmouth and Southampton.

I just felt Tottenham would be the better option and I went with my gut instinct. I hope, someday soon, your team will be back in the Premier League.

Sunderland v Stoke City - Premier League Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Rae’s Sunderland failures

Former Sunderland midfielder Alex Rae has given an exclusive interview with the Herald and Times Sport where he discusses his failures at Sunderland.

Rae explained that his first two seasons at the club, where the club firstly got relegated with a points total that would usually mean safety, then secondly missed out on promotion with a points total that would usually win you the league were still failures despite the high points totals.

Those failures however were learning curves, not just for Rae but for the entire squad and the midfielder said that those failures would set up the club up for the success that would follow:

When I went to Sunderland, my first two seasons, if you look back they will be looked upon as failures. We were relegated in the first season with 40 points, the second season we had 90 points and missed out in the play-offs.

We never hit the targets. Nine times out of ten you stay in the Premier League with 40 points and 90 points would win you the league.

The next three years, they were gauged by Sunderland fans as the most enjoyable and we had highest finishes in the top level after breaking records in the Championship with 105 points.

We had those two years of disappointment but we learned from that, grew from those experiences and those disappointments really set us up. It is about evolving through that and then coming out victorious.

Alex Rae

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