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Fan Letters: “Cut your losses, get rid of Parky and get Cook in there sooner rather than later!”

In this edition of Fans Letters, we have views on giving youth a chance and support for a certain Italian to return as manager! Have you got something to say?!

West Bromwich Albion v Sunderland - Premier League Photo by Tony Marshall/Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

After reading a few of the fans letters, I’m in full agreement about Phil Parkinson’s selections.

The Portsmouth game I said to the boss, that we would get beat 4-0 not far off 3-1.

As for the Rochdale game, when I saw the line up, I must admit I thought we were in for another scalping. PP’s comments (promises) about bringing the young players through seem to have disappeared, where not one of them was named on the bench.

Give Diamond a run as the main striker, with Neil and Kimpioka supporting on the field or on the bench. To quote a line from a very well known film, we have “The need for Speed”.

Things have got too change or we’ll be stuck in L1 for another season and I don’t think many managers would fancy the job here, under the current circumstances.

I hope I’m wrong and we do get promoted, but at the moment that’s a “NO”.



Ed’s Note [Chris]: At the time of writing we’re four points off the top with a game in hand. On paper that’s not bad going but our performances aren’t reflecting that and this is the worry. This is why wholesale changes aren’t what we need at the current time.

I’d prefer us to create a style of play that allows us to be more expressive in the final third and commit players forward. It would be fantastic if all these young players were introduced and given game time, but under the current tactics would the be able to thrive?

Dear Roker Report,

Parkinson has to go before Saturday. We would walk the league with Paolo Di Canio. Some say Paul Cook, but not my cup of tea.

Phil Averre

Ed’s Note [Chris]: Paul Cook has been there and done it in League One, but then again so has Phil Parkinson. I’d prefer someone who I could hang my hat on as a long term appointment. Our last appointment was purely focused to get us out of League One and that hasn’t gone to plan so far.

As for Di Canio - that is something that just isn’t going to happen.

Dear Roker Report,

Just read latest RR and I have to now concede we will never get out of this league whilst Parkinson is at the helm.

If we are going to rely on Graham to come on and save us we are in serious trouble.

We need a manager that can make crucial tactical changes to the team that changes the way we are playing to influence and change draws to wins home or away.

Parkinson does not have that gift, and from what I am hearing Paul Cook does have that skill. Cut your losses, get rid of Parky and get Cook in there sooner rather than later.

Concerned lifelong fan!!

Terry Moffett

Ed’s Note [Chris]: Whilst nothing is going to happen under the current ownership, we do have a decision to make that was very similar to the one we had with Jack Ross last year.

Do we pull the plug on a manager seemingly destined to make the play-offs, but playing with a defensive style that doesn’t instill confidence in terms of the ultimate goal of achieving the play-offs?

It seemed to make sense last season although we didn’t get the replacement right - we’d need to avoid that mistake this time around.

Dear Roker Report,

I think it’s more a case of these clubs in League One play against Sunderland and see that match as their cup final and that’s every game, where as Sunderland seem to approach each game as if it’s a given they’re going to win.

Most of the team think they’re better than what they are when they should be playing every game as if it was a cup final, just like the teams are doing when they come to play at the Stadium of Light or on their home ground.

They have the squad and need to focus and give 130% like teams do who come and play against Sunderland.

Yours sincerely,

Gary Ward

Ed’s Note [Chris]: The opposition raising their game has been an issue since we dropped down to the third tier and it is something our players have had to get used to, especially the ones from League One level that we have brought in.

With the crowds being shut out the match intensity needs to be helped by the manager but each player should have their own way of preparing mentally for each test that this League throws at them. Hopefully this is something our players become accustomed to as the season goes on.

Dear Roker Report,

I watched the last two games and we are so predictable. Our passing and movement is as slow as a week in jail. It’s League One!

I am a Scotsman who has supported Sunderland since I was a kid and I’m now 54. They are embarrassing to watch and it’s time to act or this great club disappears. No good sacking the manager, we need to get the muppet show out first and then let the new owners pick a new manager.

Michael Hope

Ed’s Note [Chris]: For the most part we have been pretty painful to watch this season and that appears to be the plan to try and get us promoted this year.

Time will tell if Phil Parkinson gets the time to see if his plan works and that might all be down to whether or not a change is made at the top.

Dear Roker Report

Hi guys,

I always read your page with interest, good show lad’s.

Like many supporters, I am fed up with been taken for granted as fans.

The fact is we are no longer a ‘big club’, and have no divine right to expect this to happen and return soon. We all know that Donald bought us ‘on the cheap’, and his gamble failed. He had no ‘big’ plan and he thought he could do it ‘on the cheap’ and failed.

My main point is that the youth are the future, the only future we have. We as a club have been buying ‘proven failures’ for many year’s, that is a fact. The current squad are a bunch of proven failures as they have failed to come up to scratch at their previous clubs, hence we have them, this is their last chance saloon.

Anyway, if we had a manager (we don’t), the youth are our only chance of a revival, we MUST give them the opportunity, we all know where we lack, especially in ‘pace’.

Please can somehow social media like yourselves get the message across and maybe filter to the club. Please play the likes of Patterson, Neil, Diamond, Hawkes and Kimpioka along with experienced player’s such as Wright and Leadbitter and create a blend of youth and experience.

The one paced plodder’s have had there chance, give YOUTH the chance, we are playing League One football for goodness sake.

Thanks guy’s, take care.

Alan Metcalfe

Ed’s Note [Chris]: As I mentioned earlier, I’m not sure that I would necessarily throw a lot of the younger players into the starting XI, but it would benefit the club if these players started getting minutes under their belts at this level from the bench.

It al raise the question of how we use the Academy of Light. This should be central to everything as we use this to feed the first team squad rather than feed the local non-league sides when we haven’t nurtured the talent correctly and let players fall way short of their potential and leave.

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