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Fan Letters: Kyril Louis-Dreyfus’ takeover of Sunderland is the hot topic on everyone’s lips

In today’s fan letters, Stewart Donald’s involvement in the Louis-Dreyfus takeover hasn’t gone down well with Charles and Roger, but Rosie is looking forward to the impact the Sartori and Louis-Dreyfus takeover might have on the pitch.

Sunderland v Wycombe Wanderers - Sky Bet League One - Stadium of Light Photo by Richard Sellers/PA Images via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

Great news about the potential takeover..but I hope it concludes where SD & CM are gone...they are hanging onto there shares because this young lad taking over WILL take us forward & they will make a fortune.

Charles Proud

Dear Roker Report,

I posted recently that Donald had no intention of selling the club and to me it looks like I’m going to be right this take over is a fudge all the same people still there plus Mr Dreyfus whose mother seems to be wealthy

A ruse I think.

Roger Stokell

Dear Roker Report,

My honest opinion, if the takeover does happen, is that we will do better in the league - even get promoted to the Championship this season.

Rosie Leigh Laws

Ed’s Note [Rich]: Cheers for the letters, Rosie, Roger and Charles. From what I can glean from the limited information that’s in the public domain so far, none of which has been confirmed but seems to come from reliable sources, Stewart Donald’s control of our football club may finally be coming to an end.

The Luis-Dreyfus family are next-level rich, and we should take their investment in the club as a sign that we have a brighter future. It is clear that it will be Juan Sartori and Kyril Louis-Drefus and their new team who will be in the driving seat, if and when this goes through, but Donald is a businessman, and he wants to make a profit. His shares are his property, it looks like he’s selling 70%, and he’s within his rights to retain a stake in the expectation that it will increase in value as we rise back through the leagues, as much as it irks all of us that he’ll gain from others’ successes.

Let’s not let the perfect be the enemy of the good with this, and whilst you’re absolutely right to be sceptical and questioning of the new regime, I agree with Rosie that this takeover and the changes we hope it brings could spur us on to promotion this season.

Girona v Marseille - Friendly Match
Kyril Louis Dreyfus talks to Bafetimbi Gomis of Marseille during a friendly match between Girona and Marseille at Stade de Montivili on August 3, 2016
Photo by Manuel Blondeau/Icon Sport via Getty Images

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