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Report: Sunderland ownership change in the offing as ex-Marseille heir & Sartori launch takeover

Press reports today suggest that the duo of Juan Sartori and Kyril Louis-Dreyfus will complete a takeover of Sunderland AFC in the coming weeks.


Stewart Donald has agreed to sell Sunderland AFC to an international consortium led by Juan Sartori and Kyril Louis-Dreyfus, according to reports published by The Guardian today.

The deal would see current majority owner Stewart Donald retain 15% of his shares, whilst Charlie Methven would also retain his 6%.

Donald currently owns 74% of Sunderland, but the new proposed move would see Louis-Dreyfus acquire 60%, with Sartori retaining his 20% stake.

Despite his lack of involvement so far at Sunderland, Sartori has been credited with bringing Louis-Dreyfus into the deal.

Since acquiring a minority stake, Sartori has been a silent figure, especially since the beginning of his personal political aspirations back in Uruguay.

Kyril is the son of former Marseille owner Robert, where his mother Margarita remains a majority shareholder.

According to Forbes, Margarita is worth $5.6billon and The Guardian stated Kyril “is estimated to have a trust fund worth more than £2billion”.

Louis-Dreyfus is Harvard University educated and previously sat on the board at Marseille, he is believed to have a credible array of contacts across European football.

It would appear Louis-Dreyfus is the mystery figure who was granted exclusivity by the club at the beginning of the season, with the deal reported to be completed within two weeks.

Should any takeover be finalised, Louis-Dreyfus would have to pass the English Football League’s fit and proper ownership test.

Sunderland cancelled a supporters meeting due to take place yesterday and have declined to comment on The Guardian’s report today.

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